How to Become a Better Points Rummy Player


Rummy is a game of skill and you need to acquire some skills while playing online. Most of these skills are easy to attain with constant practice. When it comes to online rummy, there are some strategies that you need to apply to overpower your competitors. Below are some of the basic rummy strategies that will help you evolve into a better points rummy player.

rummy player

Give Priority to Pure Sequences

If you have are dealt with a weak hand, your foremost priority as a rummy player is to make a pure sequence. In rummy, pure sequences are the most valued as it helps you to reduce the burden of points. Once you have the pure sequence, you can go ahead and focus your priority to get the other sets and sequences.

Discard the Burden of High Points

If you hands have many cards that you think are irrelevant, you need to discard them. While discarding, you need to make sure that you discard the high cards first (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10). This will reduce the burden of points even if the other rummy player finishes the game before you.

Prioritise the Joker

The first thing you need to make a note while you are dealt with your hand is the wild card Joker. Make sure that you do not discard your joker unknowingly. Joker cards acts as the bridge that replaces the missing cards.  If you have a pure sequence, joker can come handy while creating other sets and sequences. It also helps to reduce the points if your opponent fishes the game first.

Arrange Your Cards

Another important thing to note is that you need to arrange your cards perfectly to make the right move. A fool-proof method is to arrange your cards according to the colour. This will make sure that you will not mix up the cards of the same colour and different suits.

Be the Observing Rummy Player

This is a crucial strategy which will enable you to advance to the next level of rummy expertise. If you are able to remember the cards that are picked up by your opponents you can have an extra edge on the game. Similarly in online rummy, you can make use of the discards section to see what cards are discarded by your opponents.

Remember to Drop

Players have the tendency to keep playing the game even though they have a very weak hand. While the expert rummy players can still win the game with the weakest of hands, it is always best to fold when you can. If you drop before making a move, the lesser point you get. So it is always not a bad idea to fold your hand.

Next time you play rummy at Junglee Rummy make sure that you use these techniques. You can slowly develop your skills and master the game of rummy if you practice daily. You can always try using these strategies while playing at practice tables. Once you have the confidence to play the cash games, you can slowly upgrade as a cash player at Junglee Rummy!

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