How to Become a Better Rummy Tournament Player?


Do you love to play rummy tournament? If you do, we got some of the best rummy tournament strategies for you! Use these advanced strategies and step up your game to become a better rummy tournament player at Junglee Rummy!

rummy tournament

Take the Lead
The most important strategy in any tournament, be it rummy or poker, is to take the lead. As rummy tournaments go on for many rounds, it is imperative for you to score maximum points during the first three rounds. Once you gain the lead, it will be really easy for you to progress to higher stages. So, stay focussed on winning during the initial rounds.

Drop or Get Out
Once you gain the lead, you must not play bad hands. So, it is wise to drop the round if the odds are not in favour. You will end up losing only 20 chips to your opponent. But if you happen to play bad hands, you will give a great advantage to your opponent. Better drop or you will be out of the game!

Target One Enemy
Not every player will shine in rummy tournament. It will be either you or just another opponent who will take away the pot. So, it is important to identify that player and give him no chance to win the race. Target your nemesis and do not give him any opportunity to take chips from you.

Take Notes
Your opponents will keep changing as you progress to higher levels. You may not remember all the patterns of your opponents. Therefore, you must note down how your opponents are playing in the rummy tournament. Observe, take notes and strike where your opponents are most vulnerable.

Evaluate Yourself
Win or lose, you must evaluate your performance at the end of every rummy tournament. This is what differentiates between novice and expert players. Analyse your hands and the cards picked by you at the end of the game. Indentify your weak moves and improve your game plan in the next tournament.

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