Best Rummy Tips and Tricks


Rummy is easy to learn and can be mastered in a very short period of time. This game is immensely popular among people of all age groups. A regular player can quickly understand the winning rummy tips and tricks, and even devise his/her own strategy. This game is also called a game of skills.

rummy tips and tricks

There are many factors that you need to capitalize in order to win in rummy. Here are some of the best rummy tips and tricks that will maximize your chances of winning:

Take your time: Observe your cards carefully. If possible, you should also observe the mood and reaction of your opponents, so as to predict the cards in their hands. Take your time to think over your moves. Don’t throw a card, if you’re not sure about it.

Remember: You should keep in mind the cards that your opponents pick up. Remember them and try to predict the sequence that he could be creating. If your opponent keeps that card safe with him, then there is a possibility that he could be making a sequence/set out of it.

Discard carefully: Do not discard the card(s) that could help your opponent. Have an idea of what cards could be important to your opponent. This skill must be developed to play safe and improve the chances of winning.

Be alert: The game may take a turn at any moment. This is exactly why it is very important to remain alert throughout the game. Your opponent might just take an advantage over your lack of concentration in the game!

Learn to quit: There is a possibility that the cards dealt to you aren’t good enough. In worst situations you may make a mess in the game. In such cases, you must quit to minimize the losses. That will be the best rummy tips and tricks!

Avoid attachments: Don’t get too attached to certain cards only. Try to create sequences/sets out of different cards. The game may change any moment, and you should learn to be flexible enough to re-prioritize your cards. Learn to rearrange the sequences of the cards according to the different situations in the game.

Finally, remember that Rummy is played for fun. You should make sure that you play the game in the right spirit. Play at Junglee Rummy and have great fun!

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