Best Variations of Online Rummy Games


Match your cards, arrange them into sets and sequences and discard cards you don’t need. Enjoy the exciting gameplay of rummy games on your computer – Play online rummy games and have unlimited fun! What makes online rummy games so popular among Internet players is that you can play all variations of rummy at a single site – Junglee Rummy!

online rummy games

Check out the awesome variations of online rummy games you can play at Junglee Rummy! Find out why they are so entertaining and challenging!

  1. Points Rummy: This is similar to the conventional 13 cards rummy game and has points that have pre-decided rupee value. Players play to win points so that they can win real cash. The points or scores are counted at the end of each game. The player with the least number of points wins and takes home all the cash. A player can get a maximum of 80 points on losing a game.
  1. Deals Rummy: Chips are allocated to each player when a Deals Rummy game begins. Usually an entry fee has to be paid to play the game. The game is played for a pre-decided number of deals; say 4 deals, 5 deals or 6 deals. The player who loses surrenders his/her chips to the winner at the end of every deal. The player who accumulates the maximum number of chips when all the deals are over is announced as the winner.
  1. Pool Rummy: Again, this is a game very similar to the traditional 13 cards rummy. Usually an entry fee is charged from each player, which forms the prize pool. If a player reaches the maximum points limit on the table, he/she is eliminated from the game. The winner of every deal is awarded zero point. The winner gets the prize pool!
  1. Rummy Tournaments: The best thing about online rummy games is the tournaments that keep happening. Players from all over the world participate in these competitive games and enjoy the thrill and excitement. Every player gets about 30 seconds to play his/her move and a total of 6 players are accommodated at one table. The winners of each table proceed to the next round and this way the game moves forward. There is also the provision for real cash games that allow players to play for money and win a fortune for themselves.

You can play all the versions of online rummy games for free! Just register and gain access to all types of online rummy games. Play for free or engage in cash games – Start with a small amount and continue winning at Junglee Rummy!

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