21 Cards Rummy vs 13 Cards Rummy


21 cardsIf you are an online rummy player and enjoy the game daily or even occasionally you might have heard about the new addition of game type, 21 cards rummy. The 21 cards rummy is nothing but the addition of 8 more cards to the normal 13 cards rummy. The addition of cards makes the game a little bit more lengthy and complex than that of the Indian rummy with 13 cards.

So, the question is, if you have played both versions, which one you enjoyed most? The chances are 13 cards rummy is your favorite for the sole reason that it is easy to play with simple rules and fast gameplay.

The tactics to win in both 13 cards rummy and 21 cards rummy is same. You have to make sets and sequences to clear your way to victory against your opponents. There are certain terms used in 21 cards rummy that usual players of 13 cards rummy are unaware of. Some of them are Tunnela and Dublee.

Tunnela also known as London is a group of matching cards of same suit and rank. Tunnela is a pure sequence and therefore it yields high importance in 21 cards rummy. Dublee is couple of cards that are of same rank and suit. We cannot add a Joker to make it a Tunnela too which makes this variant of card game more complex.

Luck plays a big role in 21 cards rummy whereas in 13 cards rummy, it is completely a skilled based game. But in 13 cards also, we can see when the cards are dealt randomly, we need to take a decision whether to pack or play depending on the cards we get, which is completely dependent on your luck. Both games provide utmost entertainment and engagement even though one variant gives it more time, i.e.21 cards rummy.

Let us know which game you would like to enjoy this weekend and which game you would like to rate 10 out of 10 in gameplay and entertainment provided. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Furthermore, don’t forget to comment your views below as we are always looking to offer you with the tactics to enhance your rummy skills.

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