How Your Brain Works While You Are Playing Rummy


The human brain is the most complex and yet most astonishing organ in the human body! It is considered one of the most complex creations in the universe, given what you are capable of doing by using it. It helps us think, reason, remember, and do a lot of extraordinary things like acquiring new skills. Learning to play card games like rummy requires your brain to perform a lot of functions. It requires the brain to achieve certain skills necessary to help you play your moves smartly and beat your opponents!

You know that you are smart, but do you know how the smartest part of you (your brain) works when you play a game of rummy? Rummy is a game that requires a lot of strategies and you need to develop a lot of tactics in your mind.

As you know, your brain is divided into two hemispheres, namely the left brain and the right brain. Here we will talk about how the two halves of your brain contribute to help you master your game. Here is how your brain works when you are playing rummy:

How Your Brain Works While You Play Rummy

How Your Left Brain Helps You Win a Game of Rummy

According to some theories, people are either left-brained or right-brained. It simply means that you are either more analytical or more artistic.


Left Brain Vs Right Brain

The left side of your brain is believed to help you out with your linear thinking: mathematics, facts, logic, sequencing, etc. This means that while you are playing classic Indian rummy, you can think analytically and bring more strategies to the table. While playing a game of rummy, the following tasks are performed by your left brain:

Analytical Segmentation of Groups: When you are dealt cards, the first and most important thing you do as an expert rummy player is analyze your cards.

Sequential Grouping of Cards: After analyzing your cards, the next thing to do is to group your cards in sets and sequences. Guess what? Your left brain does it for you!

Logical Calculation of Odds: When you progress through the game, your left brain performs logical calculations to decide on what cards to discard and calculate the odds.

Identification of Important Cards: Throughout the game, your left brain keeps scanning for the important cards to be picked from the open deck.

Process Probabilities in a Linear Way: The left side of your brain is also responsible for linear thinking and calculating probabilities as you play each round.

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How Your Right Brain Helps with Your Game

The right side of your brain is believed to be the source of your imagination. It is responsible for your holistic thinking, rhythm, visualization, artistic creativity, etc. When you play 24×7 games, the right side of the brain works in coordination with the left side to help you defeat your opponents.

Using Intuition to Predict Cards: The right part of the brain backs you in your intuition. It is what helps you predict cards. When you combine it with logical reasoning from the left brain, you can make good decisions.

Arranging Cards: It is important to arrange your cards according to their color so that you do not discard wrong cards. Your right brain helps you arrange the cards.

Creative Ways to Form Groups: When you are searching for creative ways to group your cards into new sequences or sets, the right brain helps you!

Seeing Results with Clarity: The right side of the brain helps you to see the end result with clarity. You can often see a little in advance what the result of the game would be.

Processing Cards Holistically: You can get the bigger picture and process your cards holistically with the help of the right side of your brain.

So, now you can decide which part of your brain is more active. The important thing is that all these are skills and you can improve the right and left side functions of your brain with more practice. The brain is made up of billions of neurons and trillions of connections. Every time you acquire a new skill or learn something new, new connections are formed. So, keep practicing and developing your rummy gaming skills!

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