Card Party Starts Now

Card Party Starts Now!


Card parties are a great hit during holidays. As we all are on a very long break and missing those high fives and cheers these days, here is a perfect way to re-invent those card parties in the comfort of your home. Play online card games like rummy, teen-patti, poker and call break on your smartphone or tablet.

Rummy Battles at Kitty Parties

Your wife, sister or friend must be dearly missing this one thing. The chillaxing lunch outing with friends and back-to-back sessions of rummy used to be so great. Initially, it was looked down by people but as soon as the Honourable Supreme Court declared rummy a game of skill, tables turned and made it quite popular everywhere.

Online rummy games became popular at kitty parties as fancy smartphones made it look chic and even more classy compared to the cards spread on the tables. So, now we all know what looks better on the tables- food and drinks or cards!

No Waiting Time Anymore

 It feels so bad when you’re the first person to reach the venue for a party. You have to sit idle, doing nothing but clicking selfies. But now while you wait for others, come indulge yourself in an online rummy game. You can play it for fun and to win cash too. So, this is going to be a quick way to load some cash before you join your besties for a great evening.

Also, another great feature of playing online rummy card games on Junglee Rummy is that it gives you a referral bonus, that is, if you invite your friend to play online rummy card games, you get a bonus for it. Also, there’s one Referral Leaderboard which gives you some unbelievable rewards and cash prizes on inviting more friends

Card Party

Best for 2, Great with 6

Convincing everyone to play together at the same time is the greatest struggle that every card lover faces. With online rummy apps like Junglee Rummy, you don’t need to run after people to play with you. Here, the card party starts as per your liking. Play online rummy games at 7 in morning or at 11 at night, Junglee Rummy tables will always welcome you not just with open arms but with exciting bonuses and promotional offers too. Now it’s in your hand to decide when you want to play, which rummy variant you would like to start with and how many players should be at the table.

Safety Comes First

Your friends might cheat while playing cards with you or might spoil the game in the middle with their tantrums. Junglee Rummy is the esteemed platform which makes sure that you enjoy fair gameplay. Our RNG ensures that cards are shuffled thoroughly and dealt randomly, and there is no chance of another player taking a sneak peek at your hand.

Junglee Rummy uses a site-wide encryption which ensures all your information is fully encrypted and there is no scope for any data tampering or leakage. Our foolproof security system ensures that all the online transactions made on our online rummy platform are absolutely safe and secure. Only you have control over your account and details.

Great Rummy Variants and Challenges

Who doesn’t love to play rummy? Now imagine the situation where your wife wants to play 10-card rummy and you enjoy the 13-card rummy more. Agreeing upon a common game might be a task. But Junglee Rummy helps you to settle this rummy war in the best way possible. Open our online rummy app and choose your favorite rummy variant and play it online.

Junglee Rummy understands the passion and zeal of card game lovers. We offer great challenges in the form of tournaments and daily delights to stimulate your brain and give you the much-needed adrenaline rush. 

To end all your outdoor party woes, we’re here with the best online rummy offers and challenges. Join thrilling tournaments and win lakhs daily. Don’t let your wife, husband, brother or sister miss any excitement in this lockdown period. Keep rolling in high spirits as the party at the tables starts the moment you arrive. Happy gaming!

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