When Cartoon Characters Play Rummy – Image Series


Yes, you are right! We are a bit cheeky at times 😉 This time our social team has curated an amazing photo series based on your childhood companions. If you were a big fan of the retro cartoon characters, this photo series would help bring back sweet childhood memories.

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series

At Junglee Rummy, we provide players with a 100% enjoyable platform to play online Indian rummy games. Moreover, we also feel that our followers at social media should also enjoy the posts shared. This time, we have chosen seven of the most common cartoon characters and came up with a crazy concept on how it would have been if they played rummy! The response to the image series was amazing and we got more than 2000 likes and around 100 shares for the post. Here are the image series that went live on the Junglee Rummy Facebook Page:

Ever fancied your favourite cartoon characters play rummy? Check out the hilarious series and stay amused!

1. This guy who taught us that being rejected by a woman is not the end of the world.

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series
‘I’m pretty. You’re pretty. What do you say, let’s play Rummy?’

2. We all love the sailor man who taught us that veggies are good too!

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series
No defeat is possible when you have the Spinach Power! Power up your game like Popeye!

3. This dog who taught us to be courageous and take the step!

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Characters Image Series
Will Courage have the guts to make his move?

4. This little boy who taught us that it is cool to have an annoying sister!

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series
The little genius is about to invent a new rummy formula!

5. Fighting crime with Powerpuff girls was always fun!

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series
Fighting crime, trying to save the game! The Powerpuff Girls are here to stop Mojo Jojo!

6. This cat and mouse who taught us that you cannot be mad at anyone for long!

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series
It’s time for poor Tom to shift to online rummy! Play without distractions (and traps) at Junglee Rummy!

7. This gang who helped us think outside the box to solve mysteries!

Junglee Rummy Cartoon Image Series
Who’s making the cards fly? Now, that’s a mystery to solve!

Below are some of the comments that we got for the post on Facebook:

We are happy that we were able to bring the childhood memories to our followers on Facebook. If you are looking for an exciting rummy gaming experience, switch to Junglee Rummy and start playing now!

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