Cash Crunch Is Temporary, Making Cash on Junglee Rummy is Permanent


The term cash crunch is back in trends, and so are the memories of November 2016, when ATMs around the country ran short of cash, and there were long queues waiting.

Cash Crunch is Temporary

Well, it’s just a gentle alert. The situation might not be as bad as it’s being projected by some. Perceptibly, a very temporary state. What’s permanent is your ability to play rummy for cash on Junglee Rummy. And in those 18 months, since the term first jolted us in recent history, this ability has only seen multifold growth with Junglee Rummy expanding its tentacles pan-India.

How Junglee Rummy Is Growing the Fastest Across India

Junglee Rummy has grown to be the most-preferred platform for playing rummy across India. With 5 million+ players, we’ve earned your trust like no one in the industry ever could.

We constantly aim to make the rummy experience thrilling and fun for our users, while also making our platform super simple to play on. Be it the overall gaming experience or withdrawal and deposit processes, we’ve made things a lot easier in a short span of time. On top of that, the country’s aspirational move towards a digital economy played a big role in our phenomenal growth in the last one year. Our players can now pay using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net-Banking, as well as the recently hyped mobile wallets. We support and accept them all.

We all are witnessing a paradigm shift where cash may soon go out of our day-to-day transactions, and so will the term cash crunch. And we’re happy that we’re already well-prepared for such a shift with a multitude of digital payment options for our players.

So, while people are making a fuss about this essentially temporary crisis, why don’t you just log on to Junglee Rummy, pay using any of your preferred Digital Methods and Withdraw Your Winnings directly into your Bank Account?

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