Cash Rummy Bonus | Dream Deposit Days


It’s a bonus too good to be true! Junglee Rummy presents the perfect cash rummy bonus for you to boost your bankroll – Grab your Dream Deposit Bonus and get 50% Bonus up to Rs.2000!

cash rummy bonus

This cash rummy bonus is launched exclusively to give the best value for all the depositing players. You need to use the bonus code DREAM while adding money to your account to get 50% Bonus up to Rs.2000.

The bonus code will be active on 14th and 15th June 2014. If you use the code while adding cash, your deposit will be valid for the bonus. Deposit maximum amount to make the best use of this cash rummy bonus.

Unlike the previous July Jumbo Bonus, this cash rummy bonus has the maximum limit of Rs.2000. So, if you deposit Rs.4000, you can get additional bonus of Rs.2000.

The disbursement of the cash rummy bonus is same as other bonuses. Chunks of bonuses will be released on every game until it reaches Rs.2000. The release of the bonuses is at 10% of what you lose to your opponent. Thus, you can gain bonuses at the end of each game and grab extra to play more cash games.

So, grab more and win more with the Dream Deposit Bonus! Add more money to your balance and continue your winning streak at the tables! To know more about the bonus, visit the page –

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