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5 Common Misconceptions About Rummy Games

Rummy games are now one of the most played card games competing inch and inch with games like Poker and Blackjack. Being a traditional game from India, the game rose to popularity a decade ago when online gaming platforms started adding this skill based game into their array of games. Since then, the number of Read More

Posted on : August 10, 2017
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How to Play Junglee Rummy – Detailed Tutorial

When it comes to online rummy tutorial, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the basics of the game including tips, tricks and strategies for one eternity. If you’re looking for exact tutorials on how to play Indian Rummy online in ‘Junglee Rummy’, then you’ll love this blog. We already have a video tutorial section, this Read More

Posted on : August 2, 2017
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The Future of Online Rummy – Analysis

Rummy is a game that has risen from the ashes. Earlier, what used to be a game played inside the families during festive occasions and family gatherings has now baptised into the digital world. The online version of the rummy was one of the best things that the millennials have witnessed during the growth of Read More

Posted on : July 28, 2017
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Some Understated Reasons Why You Should Play Rummy

Knowing how to play rummy is great. Knowing strategies are great. But, can you apply your strategies to your game? When you do that, you will be the ultimate rummy champ! Moreover, you will be better than the best. Here are some understated reasons why you should play rummy: Rummy is one of the most Read More

Posted on : July 27, 2017
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How to Put Your Rummy Skill to Real Life

Rummy, as we know, is a game of skill, and we can have a rewarding experience with it in real life. By utilising your rummy skills, you can easily win in life! By playing rummy, you involuntarily possess certain skill sets that can help you with your daily life. The basics of Rummy are simple, Read More

Posted on : July 26, 2017
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