Classification of Rummy Gaming Styles


In the game of rummy, you can beat your opponents with your skill, confidence and gaming style. Rummy is not a game of cards: it is a game of skills played with cards. If you have skills better than your opponents’, you can thrash them with your strategies.

Here, we are discussing some major styles of rummy gaming. Specially when you are playing online, you can easily classify the major types of rummy players based on their gaming style.

Aggressive Players

Aggressive Rummy Players

If you are an aggressive rummy player, chances are that you will play your hand fast. Aggressive players are notorious for creating pressure on their opponents by playing their moves fast. There is nothing wrong with playing aggressively as long as you have a winning strategy and are observant.

Passive Players

Passive Rummy Players

Passive rummy players are players who play rummy for enjoyment while relaxing. You can be a passive player and still win in the game if you adopt a good strategy. Even if you are one who plays rummy for relaxing after a stressful day, you can still win big in the game.

Daring Players

Daring Rummy Players

Daring players are the risk takers. They play every hand they get and this is not a recommended gaming strategy for learners. Dropping out of a round in the game is a wise strategy if you know you have a poor hand. So, try not to be daring in every hand you get.

Bluff Masters

Rummy Bluff Master

Bluff masters form another category of players. They are players who constantly play bad hands and bluff! Unlike daring players, bluff masters trick their opponents into thinking that they have a great hand. You can call their bluff if you decide not to fold.

Have you found out what class of players do you belong to? If you have, decide what you need to do to become a smarter rummy player and win big playing 24×7 rummy games with a smarter strategy. Please do let us know what you would like to see next on Junglee Rummy.

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