Confused Rummy Terms You Must Know


With the advent of online rummy games, there has been a spike in the number of wannabe rummy players in India. The rules of the game are pretty simple and easy to understand. This is the main reason for the popularity of the game among the novel card game aspirants. One of the few things that may be confusing while learning the game of rummy is the rummy terms.

Confusing Rummy Terms

We have listed out a rummy glossary which includes the all terms that are used in rummy and their meaning. This glossary can be used as wiki rummy for reference. Some of the most confusing rummy terms and their meaning are discussed below:

Closed Deck & Open Deck

In the game of rummy every player is dealt with 13 cards each. When it’s your chance to make a move, you need to pick a card either from the open deck or closed deck. Open deck is also known as the discards section, this is the section where the players discard the cards after picking up a card. After the players are dealt with 13 cards each, the remaining cards are placed faced down, this is known as closed deck.

Deal & Dealer:

Deal and Dealer are two of the other often confused rummy terms. Dealing in rummy refers to the distribution of cards to the players which takes place in the beginning of every hand. On the other hand, dealer is the one who deals the card to the players. The dealer is selected randomly among the players. In online games the dealer is automated and the cards are dealt by the system.

Discard & Declare:

Once you have picked a card from the open deck or the closed deck, you need to discard a card from your deck. You can declare your hand once you have melded all you cards into sets and sequences. To declare your hand, you need to place discard the final card faced down into the finish slot.

If you are confused with more terms that are used in rummy, you can refer the wiki rummy section in the website.

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