Console Games vs Mobile Games – 3 Significant Trends to Watch out


Console Games vs Mobile Games

Mobile games have taken the world of online gaming by storm. They have re-defined the concept of gaming. Today, gaming is all about the convenience to play anytime anywhere. Just a couple of years ago, console games were the ‘in-thing’ and ruled the gaming scenario.

It is the millennials who are smitten by the concept of mobile gaming.

As per the report by SuperData Research, in the year 2016, the revenue generated by mobile games was $41billion as against $26 billion generated through retail games.

The ‘freemiums’ or free-to-play online games contribution was $19 billion. Closer home, the growing number of Indian rummy sites is just one aspect of this growing trend.

Here are few trends to watch out for in a fierce battle between console games and mobile games.

Trend #1: Mobiles are the future of gaming

Several factors have contributed to the stupendous growth of mobile games. Particularly in India, the availability of cheaper smartphones, the convenience to play the games anytime anywhere or the availability of ‘freemiums’ games is some of the strong reasons that have attributed to the growth of gaming on mobiles.

Also, as per an estimate, more than 30% of gamers play games on their smartphones. Several online rummy sites in India have witnessed the growth in the number of their players playing on smartphones.

This undoubtedly puts mobile at the centre stage. Industry analyst opined that the future of gaming lies in mobile. Hence, the fact that gaming companies are working towards releasing ‘mobile responsive’ versions of the games is a testimony that the future platform for gaming is mobile.

Trend #2: Growing demand for mobile games

The declining sales of console devices of reputed brands like Sony and Nintendo could be attributed to the rise in mobile gaming. Every day over 400 games are added to the App Store re-iterating the fact that mobile gaming culture is the face of the future. Gaming apps like rummy have witnessed a surge in downloads too.

Several Indian rummy sites have their mobile apps made available too. In the coming days game publishers, app developers and designers need to sweat it out to provide the best gaming experience on smartphones as equivalent to that on console devices.

Trend #3: Association between Console and mobile gaming

Of late an interesting trend to watch out for is the collaboration between console and mobile gaming. Some of the console games let the gamers create a part of the play on their smartphones and the play the game on consoles. Gaming apps like FIFA 15 help the players set up their own teams on their mobiles and then play on the consoles. The days to come will only prove if this trend is worth its bucks.

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