Cool Summer Activities

5 Cool Activities to Do This Summer Season


Deck up in that sarong and hat, wear those flip-flops lying in your wardrobe, put on your sunscreen lotion and hit the beach – cause summer is here! It’s that time of the year again! The “hot” season of the year is ready for you and so are we!

Still not sure about your summer plans? As the mercury soars, many would prefer staying inside, especially when it’s scorching hot during the day. 

So how to spend our afternoons without getting bored remains a cause of concern. Thankfully, we have found a list of 5 super cool activities to keep you engaged throughout this season.

  1. Try new online games

The summer heat shouldn’t stop you from having fun! Lock yourself in a room, turn on the AC and play your favorite online game on your mobile phone. 

Some of you may be doing that already. But have you considered trying new games altogether? The internet presents us with a pool of video games and apps that are fun and exciting to play.

You can relieve the good ol’ days by playing classic board games such as chess, ludo, and monopoly. And if you are into card games, you have several options like rummy, poker, and teen patti. You can also pick games from different genres such as battle royale, MOBA, puzzles and role-playing games.

Playing online games will not only help you pass time but also reward you with real cash prizes. Popular games such as cash rummy can be played for real money prizes. It is the digital version of the Indian rummy game that requires you to arrange cards into required combinations to make a valid declaration. You can play rummy and win crores of rupees! Download a reliable app now and get started right away.

  1. Don’t miss out on the T20 fun

We Indians are crazy for two things: Bollywood and cricket. Now that summer is here, many cricket lovers have their eyes set on one thing: the Indian T20 League. The Indian T20 League serves as a constant source of entertainment for cricket fans across the world.

This year, the Indian T20 League began in the month of March and it is scheduled to wrap up in the month of May. Two new teams have been added to the cohort, which makes the tournament even more fun and exciting.

So get your favorite snack and drink ready! Follow the official schedule to stay updated with the latest cricket news and updates.

  1. Go on a vacation

You may have spent the past two years being confined at home due to the pandemic. With things slowly starting to go back to normal, you should treat yourself with a fun vacation. But wait! Don’t go to places you’ve already been to before. There are a plethora of options for you to explore. 

Since it’s summer, plan a trip to a hill station. You can visit places like Manali, Shimla, Coorg, Masoori and Shillong or other places in and around your home state. 

If you have been planning for your dream vacation, this is your chance to make it come true. Plan a romantic getaway with your partner to a foreign country. Or you can always choose to travel with your family.

  1. Create a mini waterpark at home

If you have kids and want to keep them engaged throughout this season, this could be the perfect activity for you. We know how the summer heat stops us from visiting a water park, but you can still have some watery fun in the comfort of your home. 

If you have a garden at home, all you have to do is get an inflatable swimming pool and fill it with water. Set up a slip-n-slide to make it even more exciting, and voila! Your waterpark is ready!

Dress your kids up in their bathing suits and make the most of this fun experience. You can also get some water balloons and start a water balloon war to make this a memorable summer.

  1. Make summer drinks

Looking for the best way to beat the summer heat? You should definitely try making refreshing drinks, which will not only keep you cool but are also good for your health. 

There are infinite summer drinks and mojito recipes available on the internet. Or you can also watch Youtube videos of delicious and healthy juices, shakes and drinks. 

If you are not a drinks fan, you can always find other alternatives such as ice creams and relish some!

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