Types of gamers

Different Types of Gamers in The World


At Junglee Rummy, we come across a wide range of online rummy gamers. We have decided to make a funny compilation of gamers according to their gaming habits. The post turned out to be more hilarious than we thought and we’re sure if you are a core gamer, you might be able to relate to some of the scenarios illustrated below.

#1 Those Dark Circles Indicate Something

Late night Gamer

You can tell from those dark circles under your eyes whether you are a hardcore night gamer. A good rummy game puts you to sound sleep. On the contrary, there are people who love to start their day with a game!

#2 Play while you poop!

PC vs Mobile Gamer

There are people who love to play on the go and even in the washroom! Rest are the ones who prefer to stick on to the big screen. If you are in the washroom, hooked to the gaming screen; it’s time to check the clock and rush to the office. You can obviously play one game during your lunch break.

#3 All the Money You Can Have!

Free vs Cash Player

There are gamers who take gaming really seriously and play for both fun and cash! Others are the gamers who play just for the fun factor! If you are a serious online rummy game player, you can check our daily offers and promotions to win more as you play more rummy cash games.

#4 Switch Online – If You Can’t Hold Your Cards!

Online vs Offline Gamer

If you are tech-savvy, you’re a gamer who plays online rummy games. Gamers who play online are the ones who prefer to play conveniently without waiting for anyone. Their love for card games is way too much to wait for anyone to join them in. If you are one among them, switch online to India’s most popular & fastest growing rummy app, Junglee Rummy. You can download the app to play rummy in just a CLICK! And there are gamers who really love to stick to the offline games and love the physical feel of the cards.

#5 The Nerd Gamers Who Multitask

Multitasking Gamer

If you can multitask, you can finish your game and your work concurrently! Kudos to those who can handle both. A little secret, there are very few of you in this world. And there are gamers who concentrate only on gaming because they know their game deserves as much as their work. 

#6 Working Out Strategies Be Like

Pro Player

You know you are a pro player when you plan out a strategy for a game! And there are the newbies who don’t have a clue what they are doing! You should join our online rummy practice games, polish your game and learn all the rummy rules. Trust us, you will be beating those pro players in no time.

#7 That Look on The Boss’s Face

Office Game Player

It can be really tricky to play games without getting noticed by the boss while you are in the office. The excitement, spark, and smile on your face tell everyone how much fun you’re having while playing rummy online. Still, there are people who love to play games in the office. And there are people who love to play games in the comfort of their home on weekends or after a long day of work! 

There might be at least one or two scenarios that define what type of gamer you are. So keep gaming and have fun. Play fun rummy games at Junglee Rummy and be a pro gamer!

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