Drop Strategy in Online Rummy Games

Drop Strategy in Online Rummy Games


When it comes to real cash rummy games, you must remain patient, confident and chart a good game plan to gain a win. Although the outcome majorly depends on the 13 cards in your hand, you can always turn the game in your favor by playing smartly.

When you play rummy online, you are dealt with different cards every time. Sometimes, you may get cards that seem too difficult to work with. And even when you finally get that one favorable card, someone else at the table declares before you. When the cards dealt seem too difficult to arrange, dropping out of the game is a more viable option rather than incurring a loss. 

So what does it mean to drop? And when is it good to drop out from a game? Read on to find out the answers to these questions.

What is “drop” in online rummy games?

A drop is a crucial option in online rummy games that allows you to quit an ongoing game without incurring a heavy penalty. This strategy is particularly useful when you are unable to arrange your cards into the required combinations of sequences or sequences and sets.

If you are struggling to create a pure sequence in the first few rounds, you should consider dropping the game. If you drop in the middle of the game, you incur a penalty of only 40 points. This is always better as compared to losing by a big margin.

What are the types of drops in online rummy games?

There are two types of drops in online rummy games: first drop and middle drop. 

First drop: When you drop out of the game without playing any move, it is considered a first or initial drop. The penalty faced for a first drop is 20 points.

Middle drop: When you drop out of the game anytime after playing your first move, it is considered a middle drop. The penalty incurred for a middle drop is 40 points.

Moreover, when you do not make a move for three consecutive turns, you automatically get dropped out of the game. This is considered to be a middle drop for which you will incur a penalty of 40 points.

How to use the drop strategy while playing rummy online?

The strategy of dropping out of the game in online rummy can save your entire game if executed properly. Dropping out of the game at the earliest will cost you a penalty of just 20 points. You should opt to drop out right away if you feel that you have been dealt a bad hand and have little to no chance of arranging your cards into required combinations.

You can also opt for a middle drop if you become less confident about winning the game as it progresses. If the value of all the unmatched cards in your hand is higher than 40 points (middle drop), you should opt to drop in order to save your game for the next round.

In any game of rummy, making a pure sequence should be your first priority. Once the 13 cards are dealt to you, look for cards that can be grouped together to make a pure sequence. Even if you are unable to create a pure sequence quickly, you can still continue to play if you are confident about creating a pure sequence within the next 2 to 3 turns. Doing a hand analysis can also help you decide whether to drop or continue playing the game.

In online rummy, you don’t need to play every hand you get. You can choose to drop out of the games that you feel unsure about. This will help you save your time and money, which you can later invest in a new game of rummy. So play real cash rummy games on Junglee Rummy and sharpen your game strategy with these advanced tips and tricks! Happy gaming!

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