Easy Rummy Strategy and Tricks to Win Big


Online rummy is a game of skill and in order to win this game, you need to use all your best skills and strategies to trick your opponent. The game of rummy not just depends on the cards you get but more on the way you play your hand. So, if you are unsure of the best rummy strategy to trick your opponents, this article will help you in getting your best win in the easiest way possible. Also, bookmark this article because you will never know when these strategies are going to be handy!

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Rummy Strategy: Bluff & Win

Do you know you can bluff in rummy? Bluffing is a way of showing your opponent that you have a better hand as compared to his. In order to do that, you have to play with his mind. So, after the cards are dealt, always have an eye on your opponent’s picks and discards. This will give you a clear picture on how good a rummy player your opponent is. If your opponent is not picking too many cards from the open deck or if his discards are random, you can try your bluff strategy on him.

Bluff strategy is all about making your opponent think that you have a good hand even if you haven’t. To do this, start picking cards from the open deck continuously for 3-4 moves until the opponent get disheartened and drops his game eventually making you a winner. Even if he doesn’t drop, you will have an option of middle drop which will help you to reduce points. So, it’s a worthy trick to try. Check out the video below to get a clear picture of this rummy strategy.

Rummy Strategy: Smart Discards

Another rummy strategy that you can easily try on the online version of the game is smart discards. When you are on a table with multiple opponents, it can get confusing which player has discarded which cards. To make it easy, Junglee Rummy has an additional feature known as Discard Section which shows all the discarded cards of each player. You can spin your tactics and strategies according to these cards and can even block your opponent in completing his hands of sets or sequences by discarding cards he don’t want.

For example, if your opponent has discarded K♣, you can be sure that he doesn’t want to make his sequence on A♣ or Q♣. So discard those cards and see whether he picks it from the open deck or not. Do these steps continuously for 2 to 3 hands until you finish your hand and declare. To get more details on this rummy strategy, check out the video below:

Rummy Strategy: Bait & Trap

Bait and trap is another easy rummy strategy to gain a good win over your opponent. While you play rummy there will be times that you just need one card to finish a sequence. For example, if you are having cards like J♦, Q♦ and A♦ and you just need K♦ to finish your sequence, you can try discarding an A♦ or J♦ as a bait to your opponent. After seeing your discarded card, the opponent may think that you are not making any sequences with ♦ high cards and may just discard the K♦ which will help you to finish the pure sequence with 3 cards. To make this rummy strategy more clear, check out the video below:

Apply these rummy strategies to your daily rummy play time and watch how well these strategies have helped you to improve your game. If you want to learn more on online rummy gameplay, the skills required and the advanced strategies to play on cash rummy tables, please visit our page Advanced Rummy Strategies.

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