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5 Emotions You Go Through While Playing Online Rummy


Emotional balance plays a very important role in rummy. However, it is a neglected topic and very few people talk about it. Emotions can be a major deciding factor between winning and losing a game. Rummy is a challenging game that demands patience and perseverance. Thus, it is extremely important to keep your emotions in check so that they don’t affect your game. In this blog post, we will be exploring 4 common emotions experienced by players while playing rummy and learn how you can gain control over them.


Anxiety is one of the most common emotions in human beings. It may usually creep in during times of uncertainty. This emotion is a common observance in a rummy card game.

Online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy are RNG certified, so the shuffling and dealing of cards is totally random. This unawareness and uncertainty over the cards one may get can make players anxious. During such a time, it is important to remind yourself to stay calm as anxiety can spoil your game. If you think the cards are not in your favor and there’s little to no chance for you to make a valid declaration, you can choose to drop from the game. Always remember that dropping out of the game doesn’t mean you are giving up or losing the game. It is a wise decision taken by smart players to minimize their loss.

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Anger is a very strong emotion that must be avoided in all situations. During rummy games, anger can be observed in some players during certain instances. For example, you may lose your calm when an opponent declares before you or when an opponent is taking longer than usual to play his/her turn. Sometimes, you may also feel angry when you do not get a desired card such as a joker or a particular connecting card to complete your sequence.

This emotion may overpower your decision-making ability and you might make a wrong move in the heat of the moment. Some of the best ways to address this emotion is by pausing for a moment, taking deep breaths and drinking water. Rummy is a game of skill in which you can only control the cards in your hand. You can remind yourself to not lose calm over situations that are not in your control. Instead, focus that energy on thinking about the best strategies you can utilize to make your every move worthy.  


There are times when the cards are in your favor. It is quite likely that you become overjoyed or over excited to finish the game and make a valid declaration. Due to this, you may also declare your cards in haste. However, rummy games should be played with full focus and concentration. So, it is vital to keep your mind calm and focused while playing the game. 


While playing a rummy card game, confusion may arise when you have to decide between the cards you want to keep and the ones you want to discard. In such a case, your knowledge of the game and skills play an important role. A prior knowledge of rummy hand analysis can come handy in such situations. A good amount of practice will also help you to make better decisions. It is advisable to brush up your skills and knowledge before playing rummy, especially at the cash tables. 


Winning and losing is part of the game. However, a lot of players are unable to accept defeat. Feeling bad for losing a game is understandable but prolonging sadness can have a negative effect. Some players try to recuperate for the losses in their previous games by playing more games. However, it must be remembered that rummy is a fun game that should be played for entertainment purposes only. You should never let your emotions, especially sadness, cloud your judgement. Even when you lose, you should accept the defeat gracefully and play practice games to enhance your game. 

If you still feel strongly about the game, you can always take a break using the Self-exclusion feature on the Junglee Rummy portal. With this feature, you can self-exclude for a particular period of time, take some time away from the game and come back stronger once that period ends. 

Rummy is an unpredictable card game, which can change its course at any moment. Thus, it is very important to train your mind for any curveball during the game. To do so, you can play a lot of practice games. Junglee Rummy offers unlimited practice games that can be played using reloadable free chips. Download the online rummy game on your smartphone now and start playing practice matches. Register on the platform and get a grand welcome bonus up to ₹5250! Happy gaming!

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