How to Enjoy the Chilly Winter Inside


If you are living somewhere in the north of India or any high-altitude areas, you can feel that the winter just set in and it is the time to get cozy and warm! We also have a broad range of celebrations like Christmas and New Year in winter. We all love winters, but there are certain difficulties that we face in winters including a sore throat or a cough, which can affect your mood. Here are some tips to lighten your mood.

Make Your Food Calendar

Make your food calendar

Winter is the time when you grow your appetite, and your body craves for more calories. So, it is best to keep a food calendar listing out the food you want to eat this winter. This is also a great way to beat the winter blues. So, keep yourself healthy and fit by keeping a check on the wrong type of food.

Lift Your Mood with Rummy

Pump your mood with Rummy

There is nothing else than an adrenaline rush that lifts your mood other! Start playing special rummy tournaments on Junglee Rummy and feel the excitement. Stay in your cozy room or bed and play rummy to de-stress and brighten your day. You can play 24×7 rummy games on Junglee Rummy: register for free today if you haven’t already.

Exercise and Escape Hibernation

Exercise and escape hibernation

The sun is our best friend in winter. Exercising outdoors in the sun helps you keep yourself warm and energetic in winter. Start your mornings with Surya Namaskar: this will help you stay fit and warm this winter and avoid winter weight gain from all that extra food! This is a great remedy for body stiffness and joint pain that are common problems in winter.

Say what is your idea of keeping fit this winter season. Comment below what you would like to do indoors.

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