Winning trust in Rummy

Winning the Trust of 5 Million+ Players: Here’s How We Pulled It Off!


Trust, that’s one of the most difficult things to win over these days. In a world full of deceit, where every person couldn’t care less for the person standing next to him, and superficial relationships where the only thing that matters is what the other person can do for you, how do you make people believe in you? How do you make them trust you enough to make you the most trusted brand in the online rummy market?

It’s one of the most challenging feats that we managed to achieve and every bit of it was worth it.

But how did we manage to pull it off is the bigger question, one that you, as a player, might be wondering about.

So, let us just cut to the chase and give you a lowdown on how we managed to gain the trust of 5 million+ players in the last couple of years.

Being Honest and a Clear Line of Thought

Being honest in rummy

The person who first said, “Honesty is the best policy” wasn’t lying at all! Any brand that isn’t being honest with their users or customers isn’t destined to go far. It has always been a core philosophy of ours to be honest with our players no matter what.

This is the reason we came up with transparent policies that can easily be understood by anyone without the need to have any expertise in legal jargon. We believe in keeping our words simple, so that the people, especially our players, can understand us easily and well.

When we started off, we had a clear line of thought, which was to introduce online rummy to the length and breadth of the country. Moreover, being passionate about the game helps!

We, as a brand, are as passionate as our players about the game because of which we have been able to deliver a few of the biggest rummy tournaments across India.

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Customer Care That Actually Cares

Junglee Rummy Customer care

Our Customer Care is less about talking and more about listening, understanding and resolving. We trained our representatives to lend an ear to the issues being faced by our players. We designed this department from the ground up to provide the most comprehensive experience when it comes to addressing issues. And, our strength lies in being compassionate to our players. For us, it’s more about being there for you rather than being there just for the sake of it.


Junglee Rummy Integrity

Perhaps this is one of the strongest points of Junglee Rummy. We have always believed in transparency. Therefore, everything, including our website, policies and tournaments, has been designed to be as transparent as possible. Our players stand testimony to that fact.

We actually take the time to meet and interact with our winners to learn their side of the story in order to further improve our platform and provide a seamless, even more enhanced gaming experience to our players.

You can read up about Aditi our RPL1 winner and Purusothaman here, the first runner-up of the RPL1 tournament to better understand the passion with which we treat our players.

Winning the trust of even a single individual is pretty difficult these days — we managed to win the trust of 5 million+ players in a short span of time, and the number is increasing fast every day. This is perhaps our biggest achievement. The fact that so many people have vested their trust in us makes us feel proud as a brand and helps us focus better on what we do and on what is yet to unfold in the years to come!

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