Games to play with your Partner

5 Games to Play with Your Partner in the Week of Love


The week of love has already begun. Couples all around the world wait for this time of year to express and honor their love for each other. Starting with Rose Day, the Valentine’s week begins on 7th February and continues till 14th February, which is Valentine’s Day. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to celebrate this week. Some people exchange multiple gifts like roses, chocolates boxes, and teddy bears. Others opt for a low-key way to celebrate their love. It could be a movie night, a Valentine’s dinner date, exchanging shayaris or poem recitals, and whatnot!

No matter how you express your love, this year you can do something really fun with your partner. Instead of going the traditional way, how about playing games for the whole week? Of course, it would be fun if you and your partner are gaming enthusiasts. If not, don’t worry! Playing games can be more fun than dinner dates and movie nights. A lot of games are designed to help you bond with your partner. Many of these games do not require any special equipment to play. You can simply buy them online and keep them in the corner of your house. So who’s ready to celebrate a gaming Valentine’s week this year? Take a look at our top picks of the games to play this week below.


If you are into card games, you should give rummy a try. It is a popular card game that keeps you engrossed for hours at a time. There are a variety of rummy games played around the world. In India, we have our own version called Indian rummy or 13-card rummy. Two to six players play the game using one or two card decks including jokers. Each player is dealt 13 cards, which need to be arranged in sequences, or sequences and sets. 

Indian Rummy is fun to play and offers a healthy dose of entertainment. A lot of people play the game online every day as the game gives you incredible opportunities to win real money. There are many online rummy platforms like Junglee Rummy where you can play unlimited free games as well as cash games and tournaments and win cash prizes. You can participate in exciting tournaments and win big cash prizes and other attractive rewards.


You might have already played Jenga with your friends. Needless to say, it is a very exciting and fun game to play. The game is so popular that you can often find people playing it in cafes and bistros. Jenga is a combination of skills and physics. The game is played using 54 rectangular wooden blocks. The blocks are stacked together in the form of a tower, with three blocks forming each level. On each turn, players have to remove a block from anywhere in the stack and place it at the top of the tower. Every player has to place the blocks in such a way that they do not tip the whole tower over. When the tower falls, you lose the game.

Truth or Dare

You might remember playing this game during your teenage years. A lot of couples might have even begun their relationships after a game of truth or dare. Playing this game over Valentine’s week would be a perfect way to relive old memories and create new ones. There are different ways to play this game. The traditional way is for all players to be seated in a circle and to spin an empty bottle in the middle and wait until it stops and points at a player. That player is then asked to choose between answering a question truthfully or performing a dare. You can then ask them a question or give them a dare, depending on the choice they make. You can either download an app onto your smartphone or get a special Truth or Dare game set to play with your partner all week long.


Pictionary is the perfect game for all the logophiles out there. If you and your partner are good with grammar and vocabulary, this is the best game for you two to showcase your knowledge and learn new words. Pictionary is very popular with both the young and adults alike. The game is very easy and requires only a pen, paper and the classic board game equipment. A Pictionary board game consists of a game board, a timer, two dice and flash cards. The objective is to guess the words by the figures drawn by the opponent from the list of cards. If you guess the word correctly, you move forward on the game board. The first player to reach the end wins the game.

During this week of love, you can include some special Valentine’s words and phrases like “I love you”, “diamond ring” and “a box of chocolate.”


Scrabble is a popular word game that has won millions of hearts worldwide. In this game, you need to place letter tiles and create words on a 15×15 grid board. The words must be formed from left to right in rows or from top to bottom on the board. You can play this game with your partner during the entire week of love. In fact, you can play a special Valentine’s theme game, where you pick only the words that are related to love. To spice things up, you both can place a wager and the loser of the game has to agree to all of their partner’s wishes. For example: The loser has to do all household chores for the rest of the month! Now that’s a Valentine week everyone would enjoy.

Enjoy the week of love by playing one of these games with your love or loved ones. If you want to play rummy online, Junglee Rummy, the most trusted rummy site, is your best choice. To celebrate the week of love, we have an exciting ongoing Valentine’s tournament for all the lovebirds. Participate in the tournament, showcase your rummy skills at the tables and win huge cash prizes. Download the Junglee Rummy app now and get a welcome bonus up to ₹5250. Happy gaming!

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