Gaming Friendly Nation Extends Itself Digitally With IPL 2018 – Fantasy Cricket

For a country like India where cricket is no less than a religion, Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most celebrated cricketing events. The cricket-frenzy goes to an altogether different level with the fans and cricket lovers supporting their favourite teams and players in all possible ways. The ongoing IPL has their favourite teams clashing with each other to clinch the big title. But close on heels, there is a different kind of IPL teams competing with each other for the big moolah.

Yes, fantasy cricket – a new but fascinating genre of digital games that’s fast catching up the imagination of a digitally savvy cricket fan.

Then, what is fantasy cricket? What makes it such a hot favourite among the current crop of online gamers?

For starters, fantasy cricket is a fantasy sport where you form your virtual teams of real players to battle it out with each other based on the statistics of their performance in actual games. The fun part is fantasy cricket is the digital extension of the real sport – cricket, but the biggest game-changer is that people are not spectators alone here; rather, they are actually part of it in the virtual platform.

Skill-based game

As online rummy game which is an extension of the traditional rummy, is a skill based game where the player deploys his mental skills of memory, understanding Indian rummy game rules, analytical reasoning and decision making, fantasy sport like fantasy cricket is skill based as the fans have to choose the players for their teams based on their past performances and every other statistical data related to the players. They’ll have to closely keep a watch on the performance of the real players as their virtual teams’ performance is based on the performances of the players in the real games.

Opportunity to participate

After online games like Indian rummy, there seems to be a similar interest picking up for fantasy sports too. According to an estimate, there are about 700 million passive sports viewers in the country. With fantasy cricket, there is a huge opportunity for them to not only enjoy the sport but participate actively in every match that takes place. This premise is going to change the face of the industry in a big way. As a precursor to this growing inclination towards fantasy sports, India already has 20 million followers in the country and expected to touch 100 million in numbers by 2020.

Greater engagement

Sports like cricket or football is a passion for many who hold their own opinions about players, matches or teams. Fantasy sports give ample opportunities for people to express their opinions. As their involvement is there in the action it creates a greater level of engagement of the fans with the sports. With sports being an imperative part of current generation’s entertainment options, fantasy sports give ample opportunity to the users to be a part of the action and exhibit their knowledge about the sport, players, and teams.

Tremendous potential ahead

The industry is seeing a huge growth potential for fantasy sports in the country. With over 400 million users accessing the internet using their mobiles, and the growing number of fantasy sports operators in the country, the days ahead are bright for this genre of games.

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