Rummy Premier League (RPL) VIII

Gear up to Win Big at the Rummy Premier League (RPL) VIII


Junglee Rummy is back with a brand-new season of its flagship tournament, the Rummy Premier League. After seven seasons of great success, the Rummy Premier League (RPL) 8 is going to be even more exciting and entertaining. Starting on 8th May 2020, the RPL 8 will give Rummy enthusiasts a chance to win cash prizes from a whopping big prize pool of Rs. 7.5 Crores!

Gear up for this smashing online Rummy tournament and enjoy the thrill of winning cash using your incredible mathematical and analytical skills. Be a king at the tables starting today and claim your throne on the Grand Finale night, on 21st June, at 9:30 PM. The RPL 8 is a leaderboard-based online Rummy tournament series where your chances of winnings are defined by your everyday performance.

Starting today, make it your goal to be your best at the tables and win the biggest amount from the Rs. 7.5 crore prize pool. Here’s sneak peek at the grand prizes waiting for you eagerly:

• Total Tournament Prize Pool: Rs.7.5 Crore

• Win multiple Grand Finale tickets to make up to Rs. 1 lakh in extra bonuses.

• Win multiple Weekly Finale tickets to make up to Rs. 30,000 in extra bonuses.

• Get 100% cash refund of every additional Weekly and Grand Finale ticket you win.

• Top the RPL 8 Leaderboard to win direct tickets to the Rs. 1.5 Crore Grand Finale!

Play Daily to Maximize Your Score

Boost your odds of winning by participating in the RPL 8 Daily Qualifiers, Mini Finales and Daily Finales every day to win cash from a prize pool of 4 crore rupees and tickets to Weekly Finales. Every RPL 8 Daily Qualifier that you play and win gives you 2X points and improves your leaderboard ranking too. Daily and Weekly Finales give you 4X points and 5X points, respectively.

Once you get a ticket to a Weekly Finale, start practicing as now you’ll be competing with the finest Indian Rummy players of the country. RPL 8 Weekly Finales happen every Sunday at 9:30 PM and give you a chance to win tickets to the 1.5 Crore Grand Finale. Make sure you are one of the top 175 players to win Grand Finale tickets. The Leaderboard closes on 19th June 2020.

There’s a lot more to win during the RPL 8. Maximize your winnings and be the ultimate Rummy champion of 2020 by playing Rummy games at your favorite Junglee Rummy tables and take home the biggest amount from the 7.5 Crore prize pool!

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