Habits that Prove You Are a Procrastinator

5 Habits that Prove You Are a Procrastinator


It’s Wednesday afternoon and the clock is ticking away. You are working hard to finish a task before the 6pm deadline. However, instead of focusing on work, your mind is fiddling with other miscellaneous things such as checking mails, watching videos, browsing social media, or even getting distracted by the chirping birds outside your window. You know you have to work, but you don’t feel like doing anything. And when the clock strikes 7, you silently curse yourself for not starting your task earlier.

So what went wrong? How did you lose your focus? Well, you have spent hours doing menial tasks, which could have been done the next day.

This is a classic example of procrastination. When we procrastinate, we squander our time doing unproductive things, thus delaying important tasks. Some of us may even slack off and hide from work, put things on hold, and face work only when it is difficult to avoid. 

In this blog post, we will tell you the 5 classic habits of a procrastinator and what you can do to stay out of this loop.

  1. Checking your mobile phone too often 

One of the most common triggers for procrastination is checking your mobile phone too often. Today mobile phones have become a necessity and they come with diverse functionality. There is nothing a smartphone cannot do, making it a great source of entertainment. This has led to an increase in mobile phone usage, thus hampering the productivity of the users. Many of us check our mobile phones every two minutes to avoid missing out on any important email or social media updates. Although it is important to stay updated, continuous usage distracts us from important work. It directly affects our productivity, leading to procrastination. Nevertheless, you can always turn off your phone notifications to prevent any distractions during work. Moreover, you should try and limit your phone usage to half an hour every day to improve your productivity.

  1. Wasting time on useless things

With the availability and affordability of smartphones and 4G internet, the use of social media has increased tremendously over the past few years. However, it has also become a great distraction. Nowadays people take breaks to use social media, instead of having tea or snacks. A short 10-minute break can turn into a 30-minute break, or even a couple of hours. Many people scroll through social media and lose track of time. They delay working on important things, causing them to procrastinate. If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Instead of mindless scrolling, why not spend time doing something productive? You can try playing skill games like rummy. It is known to test skills such as logical reasoning, decision making, concentration, analytical thinking and even the ability to do basic mathematical calculations. If you know how to play rummy, you can use your skills to win amazing cash prizes, cars, motorbikes and iPhones. Play rummy online to be productive and add value to your life.

  1. Working in an unproductive environment

It is difficult to retain your focus in certain places or situations. For example, when you work at home, you might get distracted by the sound of your TV, some music playing in the background, or even the ringing of your mobile phone. Although working with music on can be a great way to improve productivity, it does not work for everyone since many people have different ways or styles of working. They might lose their focus due to any background noise or distractions. This affects their productivity and leads to procrastination. Instead of working in such unproductive environments, find a quiet place to work in. After finishing your tasks, you can always use your free time to enjoy your favorite music or watch a movie.

  1. Spending too much time on small tasks

There are times when we put a lot of effort into a task. Whether it is big or small, spending too much time on one task doesn’t translate to better results. If you are good at something, it could be done in a minimum amount of time. Sometimes, you may also procrastinate and keep the task pending until the next day. Instead, you can always spend more time on something you are not good at. This not only helps you stay productive but also helps you become more efficient. 

  1. Sitting at one place for hours at a time

Ironically, sitting at one place for hours at a time leads to an unproductive state of mind. We sit at our desks for hours to complete our work. However, prolonged sitting can be physically exhausting, thus, hampering our productivity. There are many professionals who sit for hours at their work desk but fail to finish their tasks on time. On the other hand, people who take breaks at regular intervals tend to be more productive. They not only complete their tasks but also show outstanding results. If you are someone who sits at one place for hours, it’s time to change that habit. Take breaks to catch up with your friends, browse social media or play rummy online.

If you have been doing these things, it’s time to buckle up and start working on yourself. Procrastination is a bad habit and it prevents you from achieving great things in life. We hope this blog post helps you overcome these habits and make your day productive. 

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