How 13-Card Rummy Became Popular

How 13-Card Rummy Became a Popular Game in India


13-Card Rummy has its roots in India and the game has been enjoyed for centuries.  Most of us have enjoyed playing this game of skill at our home and engaged in conversations with our family and friends.

What made 13-Card Rummy so popular?

One reason that the game got more lovers in India as compared to any other place in the world is the variations we get to play here. From 13-Card Rummy to 21-Card Rummy to Gin Rummy, we Indians are well aware of the rules and play of each variant.

The rules of each rummy variant vary very little as compared to other games that originated in India. This made it possible for websites focusing on online gaming to develop online rummy. And now most of us love playing rummy on online platforms rather than offline modes.

When the game went online, it brought ease of playing to the table by eliminating the disadvantages of offline 13-Card Rummy.

Offline rummy has disadvantages right from the start of the game, for instance selecting the card dealer, shuffling of cards, counting points while declaring, etc. The game remained in the hearts of Indian players because of their love for the game even after these disadvantages.

Now with online version of rummy, a player can gain huge benefits. From the time a player signs in, he receives cash in his account either as a whole amount or as chunks depending upon the promo code he has used.

He can also take advantage of the big rummy promotions and tournaments daily if he plays every day. Getting to the gameplay, the disadvantages of offline 13 Card Rummy that we already discussed have been eliminated due to computerized gaming technology.

As of now, online 13-Card Rummy, along with 21-Card Rummy, is witnessing immense growth year on year, and this will keep on increasing as more players make the switch to the digital version of the game.  \

So, now that we have talked about the popularity of 13-Card Rummy, let us know in the comments whether you love our November promotions and tournaments. You can check out some of them here.

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