Junglee Rummy Success Story

How Arvind Parmar Rediscovered His Love for Rummy


Arvind Parmar owns and manages a construction firm in Gujarat. Arvind was an avid player of rummy when he was in college.

However, it all changed when he left college and lost touch with the game because of his busy life and hassle of finding people to play rummy with.

So for many years, his love for the game was reduced to playing the game at occasional family gatherings and festivals.

However, little did he know that he would soon rediscover that same old passion without the need to organize a get-together or visit his friends.

Arvind found out about Junglee Rummy on Facebook and was surprised to learn that it was possible for one to play online rummy and that one no longer needed company physically to play rummy.

Junglee Rummy not only gave Arvind a platform to rekindle his lost love for the game but also opened a lot of new avenues to him.

He was now able to challenge himself and participate in competitive rummy tournaments online to earn recognition while winning huge cash prizes.

However, Arvind didn’t become a fan of Junglee Rummy without putting us to the test!

Arvind played card games online on many different websites to find the best platform to play the game on, and after playing on multiple gaming platforms, he realized Junglee Rummy is the best and most trustworthy and has ever since stuck to our platform.

The things that made Junglee Rummy stand out in Arvind’s eyes are a better, more enhanced gameplay giving a smoother, more thrilling gaming experience powered by appealing graphics that pop out.

Moreover, very quick responses by our Customer Support team cleared all his doubts and solved everything for him, which helped build the trust factor.

Besides, Arvind found Junglee Rummy’s exclusive promotions, offers and tournaments, which offer the highest cash prizes and rewards in the industry, highly attractive and irresistible.

Arvind’s trust knew no limits and the bond between him and Junglee Rummy was sealed forever once he discovered the transparency with which we operate in terms of deposits, withdrawals, timely disbursal of cash prizes and other facilities and services.

Today it has been almost 5 years since Arvind first started playing on Junglee Rummy and our association is only getting stronger with each game.

With over 5 million players experiencing the fastest, most seamless and most transparent online version of rummy on our platform, we still have miles to go and achieve many more milestones by continuing to provide the most authentic and enjoyable online rummy experience ever unmatched by any of our competitors.

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