How Many Points Does Each Card Carry in Indian Rummy?

How Many Points Does Each Card Carry in Indian Rummy?


Points rummy is an interesting game and this card game is hugely popular in India. The game is often played with friends and family and occupies an important place in the rummy culture of India.

For those new, to the game, you can always check out our extensive guide on How to play rummy but for this blog post, we are going to let’s dive straight into the point’s breakdown for each card.

Scoring in Points Rummy

Every card in a game of rummy holds a certain point and they are calculated as follows:

  • J, Q, K, A cards of any suit hold 10 points each.
  • Numbered cards hold points on face value i.e. a number 2 card carries 2 points, a number 8 card carries 8 points and so forth.
  • Jokers hold zero value in a game of Indian rummy.
  • Once a game ends, the losing player’s hand is calculated by summing up the points of each remaining card which are not a part of sets or sequences. However, there are certain exceptions:
    • If a player hasn’t been able to form even a single sequence, every card would be counted.
    • If a player has failed to create two sequences, however, has managed a pure sequence, only the pure sequence would be exempted.
  • The maximum number of points a player can accumulate is 80. Therefore, in the event where the total points exceed 80, he will still only get a maximum of 80 points. However, if a player has less than 80 points, say, for example, 60 points then his total points would be considered as 60 only.
  • In case a player has missed 3 consecutive turns, that player would be dropped from the game with a middle drop score of 40 points.  

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Calculating Winnings in Points Rummy

This can be explained using a simple example. If there are 4 players in a game and the 4th player declares where the other players hold 20, 30, and 40 points respectively.

Winnings can be calculated as follows:

2x (20+30+40) = Rs.130

Now that you have an overall understanding of the number of points each card carries in Indian rummy and how the calculations for winnings are decided, why don’t you try our online rummy app and start winning real cash prizes?

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