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How These Web Series Characters Would Play Rummy


The year 2020 turned out to be a game-changing year for both online gaming and OTT streaming platforms. While a lot of industries were affected by the pandemic restrictions, these two industries witnessed tremendous growth despite producing less content. Everyone was busy playing their favorite games and binge-watching their favorite web series during the lockdown. 

Just like a lot of other games, online rummy also witnessed a great surge in the number of new players in 2020. Junglee Rummy witnessed tremendous growth throughout the year and now we are a vibrant community of over 25 million users. There is a massive increase in the number of new players joining our tournaments and special contests and taking advantage of our offers. 

During the last year, we have seen several new web series come our way. From Scam 1992 to Special Ops, these series have left an unforgettable mark in the industry. There are a lot of characters from these series that have become popular with the audience. These characters have also been the driving force behind the success of these series. But apart from Harshad Mehta (1954 – 2001), what if these characters were real persons? If they knew how to play rummy, what would be their playing style? To analyze that, we have shortlisted 4 popular characters from some of the top web series of 2020 and we describe their probable gaming styles below:

Harshad Mehta (Scam 1992)

As we all know, the OTT space is dominated by crime thrillers or drama series. But then, we got a gem like Scam 1992 last year. This series, directed by Hansal Mehta, came like a breath of fresh air and created quite a stir online. The series has been adapted from the book Scam: Who Won, Who Lost and Who Got Away. The story revolves around the life of Harshad Mehta, who experienced a meteoric rise as well as a plummeting downfall in the Indian share market. 

In this series, the protagonist exploits the loopholes of the share market system and bribes several officials to gain thousands of crores. So if this character played rummy in life, we know that he wouldn’t play by the rules. Even if he knew everything about the game, he would still adopt every unfair means to win a coveted prize. However, it is virtually impossible to bypass Junglee Rummy’s anti-fraud system and win by fraudulent means. There are special algorithms that are designed to detect any fraudulent behaviour by any player at the tables. So if Harshad resorted to any such activities, he would be evicted from the table pretty soon and banned. Just like in the web series, he would leave the table empty-handed.

Himmat Singh (Special OPS)

Neeraj Pandey’s Special OPS has been loved by audiences and it is all set to come back with its second installment. This action thriller series has a well-written plot and has minute details stringed throughout the series. There are also a lot of cliffhangers that keep the audience at the edge of their seats till the end.

Out of all the characters, Himmat Singh emerged as everyone’s favorite. The story  revolves around a series of events that take place after an attack on the Parliament and lead Himmat to the mastermind terrorist responsible for it. It is quite impressive to see how Himmat succeeds in chasing the terrorist without working on the field. He manages a team of professionals from three different locations: his home and two offices. If Himmat played rummy, he would be a multitasking player. He would sort cards, create combinations and observe his opponents’ moves all at the same time. He was also managing different professionals in various parts of the world. So it won’t be surprising to see him playing at multiple tables. With that skill, he would probably leave most tables as the winner!

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Sartaj Singh (Sacred Games)

Based on Vikram Chanda’s novel of the same name, Sacred Games has become a pioneer among the series released on Indian OTT platforms. India’s first original Netflix series, the show will make a comeback with its third and last installment very soon. This immersive series keeps the audience at the edge of their seats till the end. It would be interesting to see how the story ends.

We picked Sartaj Singh from among all the characters. He is a dedicated police officer who hates the corruption in the system. During his service, he gets a call from a crime lord named Ganesh Gaitonde, who warns Sartaj of an upcoming danger and tells him to save his city within 25 days. From then onward, a series of events that are interlinked to both the characters take place. If Sartaj played rummy, he would be a revered player at the table. His expertise in the game would help him work with even bad cards easily. As he solves any mystery efficiently, he would also be able to form combinations quickly and eventually come out as a winner.

Aarya Sareen (Aarya)

Aarya is a slick and engaging drama series that has created a lot of buzz online. It is a sensational comeback venture of the veteran actress Sushmita Sen. The plot revolves around a simple homemaker named Aarya, whose husband is involved in an illegal business. As the story progresses, Aarya’s husband is mysteriously killed. To avenge the death of her husband, she joins a gang and becomes a mafia queen. This story became a hit in 2020.

If Aarya played rummy, she would be a new player just like her character in the show. However, we are convinced that she would first play practice games and sharpen her skills to become a skilled rummy player in no time. After acquiring confidence in her game, she would enter cash games and become a top player.

So which character’s style did you like the most? Is it the mastermind Harshad or the cunning Aarya? No matter whose style you like best, your skills and knowledge will take you to victory. So buckle up, rummy lovers! Download the Rummy app and play practice games initially to improve your skills. Once you feel confident, you can switch to cash games and tournaments. The platform hosts exciting tournaments and special contests regularly. The Republic Day Series is an ongoing tournament where a large number of players have already participated and won huge prizes from a prize pool 4.5 crore rupees. You too can join similar tournaments and win lakhs in cash prizes. Stay tuned for more such tournaments, exclusively on Junglee Rummy! 

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