bad hand in rummy

How to Deal with a Bad Hand in Rummy?


If you are new to online rummy and you are not getting enough joker cards when the 13 cards are dealt to you, you might just think about dropping. But do you know you can even win a game of online rummy with a bad hand? In this article, we will be explaining the tactics that will help you to gain a win from a bad hand or even when you are hopeless with your cards!

Rummy is a game of skill and you need to have a good concentration to gain a win. When you are dealt with bad cards, all you can do is to drop or play as long as to reduce the points than a middle drop value of 40. One way to tackle a bad hand is to trick your opponent that you are having a good hand. To do this, you have to play strategically by taking notes on the discard section and also the cards your opponent is picking up from the open deck.

If your opponent is picking more from the closed deck rather than from the open deck, then you can assume that he got a good hand and just needs few cards to finish his sets/sequence. To test this, you can have a view on discard section and as a bait, drop a card he wants.If he picks it up, you will have a clear view on which set/sequence he is trying to make. Later on, you can just drop the cards he don’t want to block his declaration and pick the cards from the open deck or closed deck to reduce points or even gain a win if he’s not skilled enough!

Joker cards are not the only cards that can help you for an easy win. As rummy is a game of skill, you have to play with all the strategies and tactics even without Joker cards. To learn the advanced strategies to play online rummy, visit our How to Play rummy section in Junglee Rummy website. If you have any feedback or suggestion on the gameplay, promotions or our customer support, feel free to mail us at [email protected].

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