How to Get Yourself Ready for a Rummy Tournament

How to Get Yourself Ready for a Rummy Tournament


It’s the season for Rummy game tournaments, and we at Junglee Rummy are making sure that you make the most of them. So, we’re here to tell you all the things you need to do in order to be the champion of any Junglee Rummy tournament.
Step 1: Practice
To excel in tournaments, you need to make sure that your skills and concepts are sharp and clear. The trick here is to play a few warm-up games or lower value cash games before joining a tournament. This practice will not go waste but make sure that you make your mark in any tournament that you play on Junglee Rummy.
Step 2: Take a rest
It can be slightly hard to find that mental relaxation when you’re playing a tournament. It can be a small one or one that lasts hours. So it’s very important for you to take out time to rest to be sure that your mind is not faced with gamer’s fatigue mid-game. Plenty of rest ensures that your brain is wired to concentrate and focus at all times, and you perform better.
Step 3: Eat
This might sound absurd but eating a good hearty meal before the tournament gets your body into overdrive and ensures that you can play long tournaments without your stomach causing a rage. This also means that you can survive the game without having to distract yourself by having to take a snack mid-game.
Step 4: Stay optimistic
Staying optimistic is the trick to winning anything in life. If you’re scared of the game or the competition, then you won’t really be able to win. It’s okay if you do not perform well in the first go, but then you must be persistent and make sure that no matter what, you bring your A-game the next time and every time thereafter! So play Rummy game with a positive mind and win!
Step 5: Be the Winner
In order to be the winner, you have to visualize yourself as the winner. Be it a simple cash game or the Rummy Premier League, you need to believe that you’re a winner in order to be one. So play Rummy win cash now!

Now that we’ve listed out five steps to excelling at a Rummy tournament, here’s a little about the Rummy Premier League, which is taking place right now.

The Rummy Premier League is back with season VI. It is India’s biggest and grandest rummy tournament, where you can win from a Rs. 1 Crore prize pool and take home up to Rs. 60 lakhs in the grand finale! Are you ready for the big league? Not only that, it’s India’s only rummy tournament leaderboard series that rewards you for playing tournaments as well as winning them! 
Get ready to participate in the mother of all rummy tournaments, the Rummy Premier League season VI, to become India’s greatest rummy champion.
How to participate?

Step 1: Play any tournament from 24th August to 13th September 11:59 p.m. to earn leaderboard points.
Step 2: Participate in the daily qualifiers to get 2x leaderboard points and win tickets to the daily finale. Winners of the daily finale will get tickets and 4x points.
Step 3: The more you play, the more leaderboard points you earn. Top 500 players on the leaderboard will win direct entry tickets to the Rummy Premier League Grand Finale to win up to Rs.60 lakhs in prize money!

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