Used queen & king in rummy

How to Use Kings and Queens in Online Rummy


Rummy is the king of all card games. It is played and enjoyed by almost everyone. In India, we have our own version of the game called Indian Rummy. The game is a part of our culture and finds a place in our everyday lives . With the onset of online rummy, all card game lovers play the game on a daily basis. Millions of players engage in daily cash rummy games and tournaments on online platforms. If you know how to play the game, you can win incredible cash prizes and other rewards by playing the game online.

To win at online rummy, you need to have a good understanding of the rules of the game. You should know the function and value of each card, including the face cards, i.e. kings, queens and jacks. Let us understand more about the role of kings and queens and how to use them effectively in the game.

Kings and Queens in Rummy

The face cards made their debut in the 14th century. In the modern deck, the number of kings and queens is collectively 8, i.e., 4 kings and 4 queens. The king has a picture of a king printed on it, whereas, the queen has a picture of a queen printed on it. Each card is a part of a suit, namely Hearts, Diamond, Spades and Clubs. The suit symbol is printed on the top left and bottom right of the face cards.

The king is the highest card in almost every card game. However, in rummy the ace is considered higher than the king and comes after the latter if both are used in the same sequence. 

The king made its first appearance in the Mamluk Court cards that represented the European royalties. In a French card deck, the 4 kings represent four powerful rulers: Charles, Alexandre, David and Caesar.

The queen is the second-highest card in the modern deck. The card may have a slight variation when you move from one part of the world to another. In European languages, both face cards start with the same letter. And that’s why the queen is also called the dame. This card is named after a mythological character in the Parisian card deck.

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How to Use Kings and Queens in Rummy

Take a look at the following three ways to use kings and queens in rummy:

Set Your Priorities Straight

When cards are dealt, you must prioritize melding the face cards right away. The main reason to meld high cards at the beginning of the game is to reduce your points in the game. Every face card is worth 10 points in rummy and it increases the penalty points when an opponent declares first. If your kings and queens remain unused for a round or two, don’t hesitate to discard them. 

Create Sequences

If you have several kings and queens in your hand, you should try creating a sequence with them — pure or impure. For a pure sequence, you will need either an ace or a jack to complete the sequence with the king and queen. Examples: J♠️-Q♠️-K♠️; Q♥-K♥-A♥.

In case of an impure sequence, kings and queens can be matched with a printed or wild Joker. Examples: Q♦-K♦-8♠️ (wild Joker); Q♣️-K♣️-PJ (printed Joker).

However, it is not necessary to create a sequence out of face cards. If you cannot find the required card, the jack or ace, to complete the sequence, you can create a set. But this is possible when you have more than two kings or queens in your hand. 

Act Quickly

There is no point holding on to kings and queens when you do not get the desired cards to create a sequence or a set with them early on. Waiting until the end of the game is very risky. When you feel that there is no chance of melding these cards, you should act quickly. You should discard them and focus on other cards. 

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