How to win in an Indian Rummy Game?

How to win in an Indian Rummy Game?


In order to win with professional players of rummy, a new or amateur player have to look for ways to improve his rummy game skills. Most of those new players are well aware of the rules and know how to play rummy. But most of them don’t know how to play strategically in order to win a rummy hand. Listed below are some of the simple and straightforward points that will help you gain winning momentum in the field of rummy game.

  • A pure sequence is the most essential thing to have in a rummy game. So, try to create one of those at first. You will be lucky if you get it when the cards are dealt. You are fortunate if you have a natural run for it. By creating a pure sequence you are making sure that you don’t wind up with the sum of all points of all cards in your hand if any other player wins.
  • Always observe your competitor’s move. Check which cards your opponent is picking and discarding. This will give you an idea of the meld your opponent is trying to make and the cards they probably be considering.
  • Always discard high point cards because by any chance you lost the rummy game, these cards are going to cost you. So discard Aces, King, Queen and Jack immediately.
  • There is always a common misbelieve in rummy game that a sequence can have only 3 cards. In reality, a sequence can also have 4 cards regardless of pure or with a Joker card.
  • In an Indian rummy game try to create sequences with middle cards. For example, the card with number 5 can make sequences like 3,4,5 or 4,5,6 or 5,6,7. On the other hand if you are trying to make a sequence with an Ace of any suit, it will be like A,2,3 or Q,K,A. Be aware, Q,K,A being high point card can cause you problem if your opponent declares before you.
  • Don’t pick up the discarded cards to make your first pure sequence. When you do this other rummy game players can estimate the meld you are trying to create.
  • In rummy game, the more jokers/wildcards you have, the more is your winning chances. If you have already created a pure sequence, then use your joker to finish other sequences. Adding jokers in pure sequences is a waste of the advantage you have. If you already have two sequences in your meld, then use jokers to create sets or sequences with high point cards.

By implementing these tips in the rummy games you play, you are sure to win more games than you used to have. To learn how to play online rummy and to try your luck with millions of other players, join

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