Importance of Mobile Compatibility for Online Games


The improvement in mobile technology has paved its way to handle complicated things in an effortless manner. People now prefer everything on the go, from shopping groceries to buying clothes. Similar evolution is taking place in the gaming industry with the dawn of smartphone era. Even gaming has shifted from the living room to the wash room as people are always connected to their smartphone every time.

Mobile Gaming

India being the world’s largest youth population has the capability of being the number one gaming industry in the world. The traditional games like rummy has already marked its dominance in the mobile gaming Industry. At Junglee Rummy, we follow the industry statistics and take into account the user reviews to tailor our games and gaming services. Our games are mobile compatible which makes us the leaders in the Indian rummy gaming industry.

People Love to Play On The Go

With the mobile technology rising to a level of ultimate domination in the digital space, it is important that game developers should concentrate on mobile games. As the days are getting busy as ever, people are relying on the mobile applications for their day to day needs.

At Junglee Rummy almost 30% of our user base is from mobile and it has increased by 100% in the last few years. This is really interesting insights which shows the momentum in which the mobile industry is catching up with the online games.

Junglee Rummy offers a highly mobile optimized rummy gaming experience which can load in a 2G data connection seamlessly. We realise the importance of lightweight games for mobile, even though the mobile phones are evolving with high-power processors and memory. Our statistics shows that our new fast loading table design has made the game play further comfortable to out players.

Every Place is a Gaming Station

The latest report from Nasscom states that around 40 to 50 million people play games on their mobile phones and the figures are rising rapidly. This is because mobile phones act as portable game stations and they are one of the must-carry things in your pocket. Almost all of the people in India who have a smartphone will have at least one game installed. Having a mobile phone is not a luxury any more and it is more of a basic necessity.

People usually play their game while they are travelling or while on a wait. It is a lifesaver in many situations, mobile games also helps people to de-stress from their hectic day at work. Junglee Rummy makes sure that our players, no matter where they are, will be able to login and play rummy for cash. Real-time multiplayer mobile games like Junglee Rummy are usually loved more compared to the normal mobile games.

You don’t have to install the app to play Junglee rummy on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to visit our website from your mobile and login; you are ready to go! You can login from your Android, iOS or Windows phone to start playing rummy for cash.

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