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Stash the cash at Junglee Rummy and make a huge profit with your deposit! That’s right! Junglee Rummy brings you the perfect Indian Rummy promotion where you can earn prizes worth Rs.25,000  just by making deposits!

indian rummy promotion

This deposit marathon will run for two days from 28th to 29th July. You just need to make maximum deposits during these days to become one of the winners. Lead the deposit marathon and grab Rs. 25,000 in cash prizes.

A leaderboard will be activated on the promotion page where players can view live updates of the points scored by them. The top 6 players in the leaderboard will be declared as the winners of the Indian Rummy promotion.

Winning in this Indian Rummy promotion is very easy. You don’t have to compete and win rummy games. Just score maximum points by making the most deposit and guarantee yourself a prize.

The player who secured the first position in the leaderboard wins Rs.10,000. The second prize is Rs.5000 and the third prize is Rs.4000. The player at the fourth position bags Rs.3000 and the player at the fifth slot wins Rs.2000. The last prize is Rs.1000 and it will be awarded to the player at the sixth position.

As this a deposit marathon, you cannot make any withdrawals during the promotion period. On making withdrawals, you will disqualify to avail any prize in the Indian Rummy promotion.

Check hourly updates in the leaderboard to secure your position – Stash the cash and win great prizes! visit:

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