Indian Rummy


What is Indian Rummy? Is it played with 13 Cards? How is it different from other forms of the game? Are these questions bugging you right now?

Don’t worry! Just read on. All your questions will be answered. By the time you have finished reading your article, you will definitely have a better knowledge of the game.

indian rummy

The Basic Question – What is Indian Rummy?

As exuberant as the country itself, Indian Rummy stands out as one of the most exciting card games. Played with 13 cards and at least two decks, the rules of the games closely resemble those of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. Fast gameplay and challenging set of rules make it as a widely-played game on the Internet.

A Similar Question – What makes Indian Rummy different?

Interesting rules! The variation has a unique set of rules that makes it more engaging than other card games. Check out the basic characteristics that define Indian Rummy:

  • Objective: Form at least two sequences, out of which one must be a pure sequence
  • Cards: 13 cards are dealt to each player randomly
  • Jokers: Along with Printed Joker, a wild Joker is selected randomly from the deck

A Good Question – How to Play Indian Rummy?

The rules are quite similar to the other variations. The rules can be briefly summarized as:

  • Complete the objective by picking and discarding cards
  • Arrange all the 13 cards in your hand into sequences and/or sets
  • Declare the game after completing the objective by discarding one of your cards

Assuming that you know how to play the game, this is just a brief overview. Click here to get the detailed instructions.

A Related Question – Are there Variations of Indian Rummy?  

The game has many variations of its own. The most popular ones, which have varying levels of excitement, are listed below:

Points Rummy: Multiple players play maximum games within a short period. They play for points that have pre-decided rupee value. The winner takes the entire cash amount and the deal lasts for each game only.

Pool Rummy: There are no fixed hands or deals and the game is played till all the opponents are eliminated when they mount up a maximum number of points – 101 or 201 pool points. The winner with least number of points wins the Prize Pool.

Knock Out Rummy: It is played for 2 or 3 deals between two persons. The player who wins the maximum games wins the amount. Alternate turns, limited time, and challenging rules make it as the fastest form of the game.

A Valid Question – Is it Legal to Play Indian Rummy?

It is 100% legal to play for cash. The Supreme Court of India has declared it as game of skill or game of ‘mere skill’. So, you can play for cash and win money, except for a few states, like Assam and Orissa, where the laws are not clear.

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