Why Indians Love Online Games

Why Indians Love Online Games


“The PC/online gaming sector in India accomplished a worth of about USD 21.68 million in 2009 which is 17 percent more than that of 2008. This sector is anticipated to have a remarkably high CAGR of 37.8 percent to touch USD 110 million by 2014”, according to Gyan Research and Analytics Pvt. Ltd, a market research firm. With increasing internet penetration and rising sales of mobile devices that support online gaming, India is expected to see rapid growth in its online gaming market. Indians love playing online games and here are the reasons why they do so.

Reasons Why Indians are Accepting Online Gaming

Here are some of the top reasons why more and more Indians are playing online games.

  • Enjoyable: With tailor made online gaming content, you now can experience your favorite games in new avatars and with a completely different style. High quality content and faster processing speeds add to the enjoyable experience of online gaming.
  • Interaction with Players around the World: Acclaimed online gaming portals usually have hundreds and thousands of registered players. This means that you can play as well as interact with players from all round the world. The fun of playing the game is no longer limited to some pre-installed missions or artificial intelligence.
  • Easily Accessible: Online games can be accessed from any place where internet connection is available. These games are available 24*7 and 365 days of a year. Games can be downloaded and played at the touch of a button and updated automatically, which makes the whole experience extremely user friendly.
  • Winning rewards: Cash rewards and other prizes involved in online games make these games more enticing to the players. You can win in-game inventories for performing certain tasks in the game which you might have had to purchase otherwise. Moreover, Games like Rummy offer real cash rewards to the winners.
  • Affordable: Many of the online games can be downloaded for free. This means that you can get hold of some popular games free of cost. Some acclaimed gaming portals even allow you to play practice matches for free. This helps you to learn the game and grow your gaming skills, without having to spend money.
  • Wide Range: There are many different types of online games available for players with different gaming interests. With a wide range of games available on the internet, you can choose a game based on your individual preferences.

The gaming industry in India is growing, with more and more new players joining the domain every day. Even the gaming consoles are being upgraded at frequent intervals to make them more user-friendly. All these have contributed to growing popularity of online games among Indians.

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