Play Rummy with Your Circle of Rummy Friends


Having friends has its own perks, even in online rummy.Refer your cirlce of rummy friends and win If you have your gang of rummy friends, you can invite them to play on Junglee Rummy and enjoy the game together.

This tutorial will teach you how to get cash prizes by inviting your circle of rummy friends to enjoy a world-class gaming experience on Junglee Rummy.

Here’s the deal

Are you enjoying playing rummy online and want your friends to enjoy the game as well? You can always invite them to Junglee Rummy!

You will get paid for inviting your friends to our portal! All you have to do is invite your circle of rummy friends to Junglee Rummy. It’s so simple!

You must have friends sharing common interests with you including games. Just invite them to Junglee Rummy

Refer and Win at Junglee Rummy

Here’s how you can do that

You have multiple options to invite your friends to Junglee Rummy. You have the option to invite via webmail and through social media.

How to Invite via Email and Earn a Referral Bonus of Rs. 1000 for Each Friend

To invite via webmail, you can automatically import your friend list from your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail using the invite feature.


Just head straight to the ‘Refer & Earn’ section on Junglee Rummy, where you will see the option ‘Invite Using Webmail’ in the second fold of the page.

Refer Circle of Rummy friends to Rummy using Webmail

Select your mail service provider from the drop down menu, and click on the ‘Get Friends’ button. Once you select your service provider, you need to grant permission to import your contacts saved in your email.

Allow access to refer your friends to Junglee Rummy

Once the list is imported, you can easily select people by clicking on the check boxes. You can also select all your contacts at a go. But it is always a good idea to invite those friends who are interested in rummy and online games.

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Invite More People to Your Circle of Rummy Friends & Earn an Extra Referral Bonus of Rs. 5000 for 5+ Friends

In the Refer a Friend section, you have the option to invite your friends via social media. This will allow you to increase your circle of rummy friends. You can find the option to share the link via Facebook and Google+. Additionally, you can get your personal referral link that you can share via multiple channels.

You can share them using any medium you like, including Whatsapp and SMS. Make sure that you do not spam — send out emails only to people you know personally.

Invite friends from Social Media

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The best part

If you invite more than 5 friends, you will get an additional bonus of Rs. 5,000! A bigger circle of rummy friends means more fun, more cash!

Tracking progress and the bonus

You can track the status of the invitations you have sent to your circle of rummy friends on the same page. Just go to ‘Track Your Bonus’ in the same tab to see the name, email and referral date of the friends you have invited. You can also see whether your friends have joined or made a deposit as well as the bonus disbursed to your account.

Track your Junglee Rummy Referral Bonus

Simplified Infographics on How to Invite Your Friends for the Ultimate Referral Bonuses

You can refer to the infographics below to get a clear idea of how the Refer & Earn bonuses get credited to your Junglee Rummy account.

Infographic - How to Refer and Earn Bonus from Junglee Rummy

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So, start playing smart — invite your friends using the Invite feature and start earning big. Play more and win more on Junglee Rummy.

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Now, it’s your turn

If you need any clarification about any of the steps mentioned above, please do let us know.

Happy playing!

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