Is Rummy Card Game a Good Brain Booster?


We have been living in an ever evolving world and our brain acts as a major element in any evolution theory. Games, education and other social activities play a major role in brain development in early stages of human life.

rummy card game

Talking about games, card games like 13 Cards Rummy or Gin Rummy is known to help a player hone his genetically attained skills and abilities. If a kid is known to be good in card games that involve strategy and logics, he might also be very good in logical reasoning, making calculations and decision making.

Importance of Rummy Card Game

In southern parts of India, most families have a get together during festivals and they celebrate it with their family members by engaging on leisure activities and games like rummy, teenpatti, andar bahar etc. Not just the elders, even kids are also engaged in these games which help in nurturing their brain cells along with having a good time with their family.

Rummy card game is proven to enhance the skills like observation, decision making and calculation as the game rules are made in such a way that even a small kid can understand. From the time the dealer deals the cards, a player can strategize his move depending on the cards he gets. If he’s having a good hand, he can even opt to drop out of the game.

The real game begins when players start picking cards from either open or closed decks. In online rummy websites, players have the flexibility to check the discarded cards of each player and can play accordingly to block their opponent by discarding cards his opponents might not need to complete his melds.

If children are exposed to this game of skill, they tend to learn topics like mathematics much faster in an easier way. As rummy card game needs a player to pick, discard and calculate the probabilities to complete a sequence or set even without a Joker card, his brain will be working like never before to win the game.

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