Is Rummy Like Your Lover? Find out this Valentine!


Valentine’s Day is all about showing your love to the people who are the closest to you; however, it’s not a day that’s only reserved for lovers.

On the contrary, on this day you can show your love for practically anyone or anything that you hold dear.

So be it your parents, your siblings or your favorite game; if someone or something has left a mark and made a difference in your life, this is the day to show how much they mean to you.

Rummy might not be your lover but it loves you back

Anything or anyone who loves you only wishes the best for you and teaches you things that are going to help you become a better person.

Even though rummy is a game, it shows you virtues that are very hard to come by today. It teaches you to be patient and focused, both of which are lacking in a higher number of people these days.

Now, you might not even realize it, but when you play rummy, you develop those very same traits in yourself.

It’s because the game demands that a true fan should be patient and focused while playing and over time, that becomes a part of your personality.

Valentines Day

You need to Nurture it like a Relationship

Rummy requires commitment. Period! It’s a game that requires your complete undivided focus, just like you would in a relationship with a person. The more time you invest in that relationship, the more it grows.

Similarly, rummy requires you to be consistent and committed to the game to reap the rewards.

Valentines Offer

Ask the seasoned players, and they would tell you how much time and effort they have put into perfecting their game to reach the level they are on.

In short, if you don’t nurture it like a relationship, your game won’t improve.

It Rewards you like a Lover

When you invest time and effort in a relationship, the bond grows over time, and then the rewards start pouring in.

It’s true for every relationship. When you have put in efforts to keep your wife/girlfriend happy, they start doing things for you to return the favor, in turn making you happy.

Rummy is not different in that regard. When you have put in the effort the game demands, you start winning more often, and that means more cash prizes for you.

The game indeed seems to have a heart of its own, where people who put in the effort are always rewarded and those who don’t, are left biting the dust.

Sounds like a typical relationship, doesn’t it?

On this Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones how much you love them, but don’t forget that love is more than just a feeling, it’s a religion in itself.

Moreover, that true love can happen with anyone, sometimes even if it’s a game.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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