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Is your online rummy platform RNG (Random Number Generator) certified?


Rummy culture has become the next pop culture in India. There is a wild craze of online rummy games all over the country. Junglee Rummy provides a world-class gaming platform to card game lovers. In India, it is a premium platform to play online cash games of rummy.

One of the most important features which Junglee Rummy provides you for safe & secure playing is its RNG (Random Number Generator) certification. Also, RNG certification ensures that each player gets a set of completely random and unrelated cards.

Random Number Generator (RNG) certification is a very important part of the online rummy platforms. It provides transparency to players in online card gaming. It ensures players that they’re playing on an absolutely safe website just as one plays real-time.

Junglee Rummy focuses on providing a 100% safe & secure online rummy gaming experience. It has enforced state-of-the-art safety measures to safeguard the player’s concerns & interests while playing online.

What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

So, if we arrange numbers in an undefined order it would be called random numbers. The process of generating an unlimited random number without any predictability is called Random Number Generator or RNG.

There are zillion methods to generate a random number, including rolling dice or tossing a coin. For a larger number, this process is done using an algorithm via a computer program.

In RNG, numbers are generated in such a way that no one can predict any individual number or value from their knowledge. This leaves the outcome to the “chance” and ensures fair play on online rummy platforms.

Random Number Generator creates numbers in such a way that it can’t be guessed or isn’t pre-determined. It keeps the online card games like rummy 100% fair and unbiased.

Is Junglee Rummy Random Number Generator (RNG) certified?

Junglee Rummy is one of the few online rummy game websites which is RNG certified. It gained popularity and authenticity for providing players a 100% safe, secure and enjoyable online rummy playing platform.

Random Number Generator is a mathematical program that creates unpredictable patterns. RNG certification ensures total fairness to all players who play on Junglee Rummy.

Junglee Rummy is certified by The Rummy Federation (TRF) for responsible gaming and has got RNG (Random Number Generator) certification by iTech Labs. Junglee Rummy’s RNG system was rigorously tested by running millions of rounds and examining their results to ensure it operates fairly.

It has passed all the Marsaglia’s “diehard” tests for statistical randomness. Every player playing regardless of them playing on the website or the Junglee Rummy App has a fair chance of winning.

TRF and RNG certificates guarantee that Junglee Rummy is a reliable and fair online rummy platform. The cards you get while playing online cash or free rummy games are shuffled using RNG and are completely arbitrary.

Junglee Rummy has deployed the best industrial practices in generating unpredictable and random combinations for dealing cards. The sequences in which cards are shuffled and distributed are unpredictable and non-repeatable. This assures each player receives a fair hand.

What are you still waiting for?  Now, you know Junglee Rummy is an RNG certified completely safe and secure online rummy website. Also, it offers unbeatable gaming experience with incredible promotions and bonuses to play more & win more cash.

Don’t wait, download the Junglee Rummy app now and start your winning marathon now. 

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