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It’s your chance to play like a King! Claim the biggest Junglee Rummy Cashback and rule the tables without losing any money! Hit the high stakes tables and go for complete domination with 10% Cashback up to Rs.5000!

How to Claim the Cashback?

You can claim the Junglee Rummy cashback with just one simple step! Deposit a minimum cash of Rs.10,000 during the promotion period and get 10% flat cashback up to Rs.5000 if you lose your deposit.

Junglee Rummy Cashback – Promotion Period

Deposit more than Rs.10,000 during the promo hours to qualify for the Junglee Rummy cashback. Add the cash and play without any worry as we will cover it up with 10% cashback up to Rs.5000!

Start Day: 00:01 hrs, 24 August 2015

End Day: 23:59 hrs, 24 August 2015

Benefits of the Junglee Rummy Cashback

Once you deposit the cash, you can play without any worry! Play cash games and win money; and if you lose your entire deposit, we will give you cashback up to Rs.5000.

So, go ahead and play like a king with this super cashback offer! Deposit Now!

Terms and Conditions

The Junglee Rummy cashback will be applicable if you make deposit more than Rs.10,000 during the promotion period. The cashback will be processed if you lose Rs.10,000 during the promotion period. Players must update their current email ids and phone numbers to avail the cashback.

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