Junglee Rummy Contest | Fortune 500


Love rummy? Of course you do! But can you test your love for the game? Take part in the ultimate Junglee Rummy contest and prove yourself as the biggest rummy player!

junglee rummy contest

Join the ‘Fortune 500’ contest and become the ace player of Junglee Rummy! Play more than 500 cash rummy games and win Rs.50,000 in cash prizes!

How to Join the Junglee Rummy Contest?

The objective of the contest is very simple: Play as many cash games you can to become the big winner! The contest will run for the whole day on 27 July 2014 where you need to complete this challenge.

If you play 500 cash games, mail the ID of your 500th game to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Fortune 500’. The number of games played will be counted and if valid, Rs.500 will be credited to your Junglee Rummy account.

How to Win in the Junglee Rummy Contest?

Five hundred cash games might sound big but you need to remember that you just have to play them. There is no condition on the number of games you win; therefore, just play and enjoy online rummy along with the chance to win a great cash prize!

Also, remember to keep counting the number of cash games played. Just keep playing and you will easily play 500 cash games in a day.

So, are you up for this great rummy marathon? Join the Junglee Rummy contest today and win a fortune, just playing rummy!

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