Junglee Rummy Partners with the Makers of “ADHAM”: A Tale of Mine Mafias


Junglee Rummy is elated to be the official gaming partner of Marathi blockbuster Adham. The movie hit the cinemas on 28 June 2019 and has received great reception by the audience. Much applause has given to the impeccable acting of Santosh Juvekar, Kishore Kadam and Shashank Shende. Adham also marks the beginning of a directorial journey of Abhishek Arvind Kelkarni.

Mainstream Marathi cinema has experimented with avant-garde genres and subjects since its revival in the early 2000s. Adham carries forward this tradition by offering us a ground-level look at mining scams and gangsters in a place far away from the city.

The story takes place in a fictitious town of Khanori, which is a hub for mining, both legal and illegal. The business is controlled by contractors who are actually gangsters. Kishore Kadam plays the character of Anna Bhosale, who is a contractor on paper, but in reality, he is the most feared names in Khanori. 

Adham Movie

Santosh Juvekar (Vicky) is shown as the right hand of Anna Bhosale. His terror has shut everyone’s mouth due to which even Anna’s rivals Datta (Shashank Shende) and Mane (Umesh Jagtap) can’t do anything.

The story takes a turn when one fine day Vicky bumps into a stranger Nandini (Gauri Nalawade) and eventually falls in love with her. Nandini is a social worker due to which Anna’s smooth business is interrupted. She along with the fearless school principal Deshpande (Suhas Palshikar) files a petition against Anna’s illegal mines and the court orders action.

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