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rummy websiteSome of the few things you keep on your mind while playing or engaging in online media is to keep your credentials safe and secure. As more and more websites are in a threat of Trojans, phishing and hacking, it is normal to be in a safer side and not pass your sensitive data to any online websites. By sensitive data, we mean credit/debit card details, mobile numbers, e-mail ids etc by which there are possibilities of huge loss in bank credits.  In case of rummy websites also, you need to take care of this possibilities and check for the safety and security measures that they have taken to protect your data.

What makes us the Best Rummy Website?

If you are a regular player in Junglee Rummy, you might have noticed the links that points to the security measures that we take to safeguard your precious data. We always think ourselves as a user when it comes to adding a game feature, graphics or enabling security measures. This makes us the safest rummy website in India and abroad.

Playing online rummy is legal in India but it doesn’t mean you won’t lose your cash. Rummy is a game of skill which includes both winning and losing. If you are good in the game, you might win more. Whenever you are about to log out of your rummy website, do check out for the balance cash in your account and note it down. This will make you keep a track of any hacking or phishing happening in your account and lose cash because of that. Also, only make transactions like deposits and withdrawals from rummy websites that are verified and certified by VISA, MasterCard, Citrus etc. You can see how we handle your privacy and other details in the Privacy Policy section of our rummy website.

Hope you have a nice time playing rummy in our website. If you got any suggestions to improve the gameplay in our rummy website, feel free to write us at [email protected]. Furthermore, you can also comment below if you are facing any issues regarding your stay in Junglee Rummy.

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