The Great Escape Ft. Rajpal Yadav a.k.a ‘Bhola’ – New Junglee Rummy TVC


Most of us might have encountered some awkward situations at least once in our life! You might think that it is a common issue for introverts, but the truth is that extroverts also come across such uncomfortable and awkward situations. Junglee Rummy has launched a new TVC titled ‘The Great Escape’ featuring Rajpal Yadav as the awkward guy!

Baaki chhodo, rummy khelo

Our new TVC is all about a guard who is stressed out as a group of girls approach him to take a picture of them. The story progress as our shy guard finds how to relieve stress and beat the awkwardness. Watch the whole thing in action below:

This time, we got an amazing response from our fans on social media as we aired the TVC across all the major TV Channels in India.  The fact that Rajpal Yadav delivered an awesome performance added to the success of the TVC across multiple media.

The ‘Touching’ Story of Bhola

In the TVC, Rajpal Yadav plays ‘Bhola’ – A man with a ‘touching’ story. Bhola comes from a small conservative village where men and women were kept miles apart. Somehow Bhola finds a job in the city to start a new life. But, things were not smooth as Bhola planned as he had to overcome his fear of encountering the city girls.

One day as he is in doing his job and minding his own business, a group of attractive girls approach Bhola! He got tensed the moment where he could hear their footsteps approaching from a distance. All they wanted was to get their photograph to be taken by Bhola. He somehow maintained his grasp and took their picture – Phew!

But things get out of control for Bhola as the group of attractive girls approached him to see the picture he took in their mobile phone. He has never experienced such ‘intimate encounter’ with women! They come closer and bend over him to see the picture making him more uncomfortable. Bhola reaches the height of awkwardness as they ask him to TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE!

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Baaki Chhodo, Rummy Khelo.

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