This Valentine's Day, Rummy and Love go hand in hand.

Kids fall in love, Adults play Rummy


Love and Rummy can be quite similar with what they teach us; One teaches wisdom and one teaches judgment. While they do have their common threads, Rummy stands higher on the pedestal because it will never leave you for being busy! 

So today unwind with your love for Rummy and give it all the recognition and validation it never asks. Being naughty is acceptable here because sometimes the queen is also not seen with the king! Read ahead and find out why Rummy love is true love!

You had us at “I love Junglee Rummy” 

While this might seem just as plain but among all the other card games, Indian rummy is the most loved game in the country and it brings back forgotten memories, lost friends. Today, on the day of expressing love to one another, use Junglee Rummy as an opportunity to reunite with all the loved ones. 

Rummy is like love, cheaters never win!

Mirror mirror on the wall, the cheater will never win it all! Cheating leaves a scar on all the members however big or small it might be. Promise yourself, you will never cheat or adapt any other unfair means to succeed. 

We love you with every sequence!

We’re talking to you with every possible sequence and we can’t stop telling you that we love you! Yes, you heard that right! We love you Rummy and we will keep loving you no matter what! 

Love is like Rummy, sometimes pure sets also don’t win!

Sometimes impure sets might be the right decision. It might be a pure set but it might not be the right set. Sit, think, check your surroundings and make an informed decision on how you wish to go about it.  

Think of love as a card game, first get rid of risky cards and then make your sets and sequences

Eliminating all the troubles does open your eyes sometimes. It takes time but you eventually realize what is or might be bad for you! It might be late, but never impossible. Discard that card immediately to avoid regrets later!

Rummy teaches us to deal with love! You cannot change the cards you receive but can drop what you don’t like!

It is never too late to go back. Think carefully about all the happy times when you accepted the cards you received and the best out of it. Do that in Indian Rummy again and make the best of what the rummy game has to offer to you.

Starting to play Rummy and falling in love is easy, what is hard is to stay in the game!

Trust, concentration and time! That is what you need to stay in the Indian Rummy game. Play it at ease and become a Rummy legend. 

It is okay to play with hearts in Rummy!

We are accepting of such heartbreaks in the Indian Rummy game! Come, play and make the best of it! 

We hope you now believe that Rummy will never break your heart! So today, on the occasion of sharing love, why don’t you swipe right on Junglee Rummy, move a step ahead and become a cash player! Junglee Rummy does deserve it, after all it was there when nobody was! 😉 

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