Learn How to Turn the Tide in your Favor at Rummy Games


Being victorious has its own charm. Not to mention the ecstatic feeling that comes along. To emerge a winner at a 24×7 rummy game is no easy task but definitely not an unachievable one.

Your mental capacities are put to the test and your strategic moves are dependent on your opponent’s game.

Reading your opponent’s mind by their moves is indeed a skill in itself. However, not always are the tides in your favor.

But your mastery lies in how well you turn that tide in your favor. Like the agile surfer who is always, your focus should be on how to maneuver the challenges with your moves.

To turn the tide in your favor, exercise these simple yet effective ways to cruise your way to success.

Focus on pure sequence

A pure sequence is also called a Lifeline. True to what it means if you’ve managed to meld the primary pure sequence, then despite an early declaration by your opponent, you do not lose miserably.

Hence, set your priorities right. The pure sequence should be your primary focus in every game. A pure sequence not only helps you to reduce your points if you lose but also brightens your prospect of winning if you meld it as quickly as possible.

Optimal use of jokers

There is an ample number of jokers in 24×7 rummy. But their utility value is best harnessed only when you successfully meld the pure sequence.

Accomplish your primary goal of melding a pure sequence before you start using jokers optimally. Also, another important advantage of jokers is they carry zero points and do not add up to your points if you lose.

Be vigilant with high-value cards

High-value cards such as the Jacks, Queens, and Kings carry 10 points. Be cautious to use them in your melds judiciously, else be smart to discard them so that you are not penalized heavily with points in case your opponent wins the game.

But at the same time, do not hastily discard them. There is a likelihood that your opponent looking out for these cards. Let prudence help you decide your actions.

Follow rules to the ‘T’

Success in rummy revolves around three aspects – learning the rummy rules well, sticking to rummy basics while playing and exercising caution.

Following the rules of the game will help you in making your basics stronger. The first step towards achieving success in rummy begins with adherence to the rules of rummy.

Rummy experts are extraordinary at following the rules of. It is that important.

Closely watch other’s moves

Success in rummy favors those who are argus-eyed. It is absolutely imperative that you keep a close watch on your opponent’s moves in order to ascertain their possible sets and sequences.

In rummy, your knowledge will help to understand and play the game. But a close watch of your opponent’s play will throw light on why they are playing in a particular way and what should be your counteraction.


Don’t let the tide catch you unawares. It’s time you prepare yourself in a way where you are unperturbed with neither high nor low tide you encounter in 24×7 games.

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