How to Manage your Bankroll in Online Rummy?


Online rummy is a game of skill and therefore there will always be someone who can and will play better than you. So, when it comes to playing online rummy for cash, you need to be careful on the amount you spend playing games. Being cautious will also help you to save more cash for any upcoming better and bigger tournaments to win more real cash. What more? Nobody loves an empty account. The cash in your account is a real confident booster to play more when you make your first login to your account. So, before you call it a day at the end of your game hours, do make sure you got some cash in your account to encourage yourself to play more the next day.

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In this article, we will be discussing some of the tips that if followed properly will help you to manage your bankroll in a better way than ever.

Online Rummy Game Type

When it comes to playing online rummy for cash, the game variant and the tables you are playing on is of much importance. The number of players and the entry fee plays a crucial part in deciding the prize pool and therefore, if you are not skilled enough and not confident enough to beat your opponents, it’s better to avoid games that involve skilled players with high entry fee. If you have already entered a table or tournament, you can always check your opponents’ profile to know more about his experience playing both on free and cash games. If you are not happy with the cards dealt to you, opt for a drop too which will save your cash for better games in future instead of losing them for nothing.

Segment your Games

Segmenting the games you want to play in a day can help you tame spending extra cash. If you are planning to play cash games worth Rs.10,000 in a day, you can segment this by playing multiple cash games instead of playing just one with an entry value of Rs.10,000. So, start from the lowest, which is Rs.10 and go up to Rs.5000 until your daily budget for your cash games is achieved. This will also help you to take a note on which tables you are performing better according to your skill-sets which in turn will help you to avoid tables that are not worthy of the time you spend.

Have a Break

Everyone needs a break and if you are not performing well on the tables, it might be because you are exhausted. So, take a break or limit the number of games you play for a limited period of time. This will give you much needed energy and boost when you want to play on bigger online rummy tournaments. Also, keep a limit on the daily spends by checking your game history. If you are losing more than the amount you are depositing, it’s time to take a small break from the game.

Add these points to your strategies and play accordingly next time you play on cash rummy tables. Also check out these advanced rummy strategies to gain an easy win.

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