May Rummy Cashback Promotions at Junglee Rummy


Rummy cashback promotions were some of the best offered in the entire gaming industry. Junglee Rummy brought in some innovative themes and concepts to present the rummy cashbacks, which were loved by all the players.

rummy cashback promotions

The cool cashback offers that got everyone taking about in the month of May are as follows:

RollerCoaster Weekend
It was a swirling ride for all rummy players as they got 20% cashback up to Rs.1000! Players loved this rummy cashback promotion as they got their money back even after losing. Those players who deposited a minimum of Rs.1000 got 20% up to Rs.1000 after losing their deposit.

Don’t be Lazy, Stay Crazy
As the name suggested, it was a crazy rummy cashback promotion for all players to get extra bucks. Those who deposited a minimum of Rs.1000 got back their money with 20% cashback up to Rs.1000. Players loved this cool cashback that give the best value for their money.

High Roller Cashback
It was a massive rummy cashback for players to play like a high roller. Those players who deposited above Rs.10,000 availed 20% cashback up to Rs.20,000! The promotion was applicable on all deposits during the day, giving an excellent chance for the players to hit the high stakes tables and win huge money!

May was indeed a month of super rummy cashback offers! We have even bigger cashback offers in June. Stay tuned and keep playing at Junglee Rummy!

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